Hi, I am Emily. 

I am married to my High School Sweetheart. I snatched him up early because I figured if he could look at my un-groomed eye brows & my overuse of the word "seriously" with love, then I had a pretty good chance of him loving me when I am saggy & have surrendered to all elastic pants, all the time. (Although as a Stay at home mom, I am getting dangerously close to that now. Yoga pants, thanks for being here.) We have four little kids-2 girls and 2 boys. It is kind of perfect, except when it isn't. 

I love Jesus, savage garden style...as in "truly, madly, deeply". Oh yeah, you should know, I overuse song and movie references from the 90's and early 00's, partially because they are awesome, and partially because that was the last time I was up on pop culture. Is Backstreet back ...again?

I am a nap taker, an ice-cream eater, and a homebody. Few things make me happier than taking a walk as a family or curling up with all my people on one couch for a movie night. I have an obsession with throw pillows and I love using my creativity to try to make our cluttered, crazy home pretty. I am a constant thinker, a list maker and a laugher-mostly at things other people don't think are funny. I wish daily that I drank coffee. I am kind of obsessed with TV (wife of a cable man, so its not my fault). Oh,and sarcasm & I are so close that "she" will finish (a lot of) my sentences. It's cool with me though because we are joined at the  (un) hip, BFF necklace trading, lip gloss sharing, soul sisters. 

 I see life in almost constant rambling, buzzing metaphors. I write because all those thoughts & metaphors eat away at me until I get them out. I write to learn. And to be. And I write because words are a sacred thing to me; there is so much beauty in the humble sharing of pieced together thoughts- a beauty which I feel the most me when I am a part of. 

I am a messy, mess of a person, who seems to attract bizarre events. People (okay, maybe just me), will joke that my life should be a sitcom. I am familiar with suffering, resentment and life being full of what just seems like more than my quota of the crappy. I'm not saying that in a martr-y way, but it is a big part of who i am. The way God has pruned me through pain has taught me to truly boast in my weakness so He may be glorified.

I am a grace guzzler, a joy chooser (except when I am not...see "grace guzzler"), and a hope chaser.

And I guess you could say purple is my color. That's because purple means hope, and I am all about hope- the hope of Jesus that doesn't disappoint the way all the stuff of this world does. I like to think of this Jesus hope breaking unexpectedly through the mundane, through the angst, through the grief, through the striving days and the all-but-given-up days-reminding us, in moments, to live hope to hope. Sometimes I document those moments using #mypurplemoment. 

Purple is also my color because on January 15, 2014 my dad was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 56. My dad is the one who always told me that purple means hope. Turns out it is also the color of Alzheimer's awareness. So its my color twice. 

 I want nothing more than to be a part of building God's kingdom, not my own. And that is my constant prayer for this little space on the Internet- that it would be a place where hope is shared, & God is glorified. I want you to leave here uplifted, inspired and with a 90's pop song stuck in your head. So, thanks for being here and for reading my words. I like you already. 

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