The Chase Part 2

The other day I shared about the not-so-fun game my kids and I play, the game where they chase me down and corner me. I imagine them as villagers wielding pitch forks and torches but in reality it is more likely that they are carrying plastic swords and parasols. The villagers keep chasing me with their incessant requests & needs and I keep running away. No one is winning this game. You can read Part 1 of "The Chase" here. 

Today, I am super excited and honored to be sharing Part 2 of "The Chase" over at "To Choose Joy" ! You can read Part 2 here. It promises to be full of ridiculous 7th grade me, in all my sweaty, nervous glory! How is that for a draw, right?

To Choose Joy

And while you are there please be sure to look around at my friend Becky's website; it is as beautiful as she is! Becky is one of the most genuine, faithful, inspiring, JOYFUL people I have ever met. Read her story. I promise it will encourage you and draw you nearer to God!

 I would also ask that you take a couple minutes to pray for Becky and her family. It is not an easy road they have, but they walk it with such grace- bringing God the glory.

I hope you enjoy Part 2 of The Chase and meeting my friend Becky!

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