New bloggy stuff and a GIVEAWAY!

So, this is something I have waited a long time for, people! I have had this blog name spinning in my head for almost two years. And this place was in need of a facelift too. Today is the day! I am so excited to share the changes to my corner of the internet. And that is not the only thing I am sharing. There is also a giveaway, as promised!

 I don't make anything pretty enough to give away (except my kids, but most days I would like to keep them), so instead I am using straight up bribery by offering you cold hard gift card to the happiest place on earth: Target AND a bunch of high fives. Check below to see how you can enter to win $50 to spend on throw pillows & Nate Berkus decor... or diapers & socks (totally up to you) and get slapped up by me.

But before I get to the giveaway I feel like I need to share a little bit about the name. I have alluded to this a bit before. Purple means hope. I am all about hope, guys-the hope of Jesus that does not disappoint. The hope I have in heaven waiting for me AND the hope that God gives me daily until then. I like to think of God sending little moments of hope to break through the mundane reminding us in moments of joy & sadness to live hope to hope. Purple is also the color of Alzheimer's awareness. If you have read here long you probably know that my dad was diagnosed almost two years ago with Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 56. He is the one who has always told me that purple means hope. So, purple is my color, twice. In all ways purple points me to hope, because in grief or rejoicing, & all the moments in between, it points me to Jesus. 

Alright, now I bet half of you skipped over that last paragraph to get to the giveaway, because : free stuff. So here is the giveaway! Thanks so, so , SO much for being here guys. I really mean it. I wish I could give everyone a gift because that is how much it blows me away that people would have any interest in my ramblings. But alas, I can't afford to give everyone the prize because my kids like to eat So just one of you cool kids is going to win.

You can enter some of the options daily. It runs from December 15-31st. The winner will be randomly chosen by the widget below and I will notify you via email. I will either deliver the gift card and high fives in person, or mail them, in which case the high fives would be virtual. Thanks for reading that super official fine print. Happy Entering!

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