Changes and a new hashtag!

Hey, hey! Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a little different than my usual posts, but its because I have some news to share that I am SUPER excited about, and a tad nervous too.

I already announced it on social media, but figured maybe I should share here, for obvious reasons. On December 15th I am launching a re-design of this ol' blog. It will have a new name, new design, and new content! This has seriously been such a long time coming, and I am just so pumped about it!

In the meantime, I will continue posting here. And I would LOVE for you to follow along, if you don't already, by entering your email address in the side bar. This will enable you to receive the posts via email, as well as be the first to find out new information, and be part of upcoming GIVEAWAYS! Yes, I am not above bribery. I just prefer to call it "incentives for my lovely readers". It sounds a little less desperate and slimy. So, go ahead and subscribe. If you are on mobile, you may have to view in the web version. That is one of the issues that will be resolved with the new design launch, so yay!

Also, in anticipation of the new bloggy name, I am starting a new hashtag that really encapsulates what I want this blog, and my life, to be about. The hashtag is #mypurplemoment . Let me explain.

Purple, as a color, means hope. So, when you encounter something in your day that causes hope to spring up inside you- I am talkin' real hope-hope in heaven, hope that points us to Jesus, hope that never disappoints-then you can share that moment using #mypurplemoment. It can be something simple that reminds you to have hope, something that causes joy to swell inside you, or something that breaks your heart and points you to the hope you find in heaven and the hope of the comfort the Holy Spirit provides now. It can be simple, deep, silly or serious. And it doesn't have to be purple. We are talking more metaphorically here!

I'm sharing my first one over on instagram today. And it has to do with this yummy cornbread stuffing I made for Thanksgiving. I am emily.gavenda on there. (Link to instagram coming in new design too! So many improvements, people! Stay tuned!)

So go on over to instagram and check out the new baby hashtag. And spread the hope sharing your purple moments with the new hashtag (#mypurplemoment). It is a little unsure and needs your love in this fledgling stage. Babies, even baby hashtags, can be so needy.

I really am honored that you are here, reading my thoughts, giving me your time, instead of writing me off as a big weirdo. Which I definetly am. Maybe you find it endeering. Maybe you are here in spite of my weirdness. Either way, I hope you will join me now as we countdown to changes and then again after December 15th after this little corner of the internet has a makeover!

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