July faves part 1

July has been cri-zazy around here. I am still adjusting to the fact that July was here and now I find myself 1/4 way through August! What the…?? Because this is a place where I chronicle my family’s life and happenings I feel the need to occasionally inundate this space with pictures that my mom and I may “oooh” and “aaahhh” at, but everyone else may scroll through so quickly there pointer finger starts to look like it has been working out. So, “ooooh” and “aaaahhh” if you want. Or if your pointer finger has been taking July off from the gym go ahead and give it a work out by scrolling past all the pictures. I won’t judge. Because I won’t know.

July 4th weekend: Matt, Christina and “the boys” came to visit from Indiana. This provided for lots of sugar, lots of cousin time, lots of berry picking, fireworks, a family reunion and lots of photo opps.
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(Seriously, guys? I am not sure why Hayleigh and Braxton were in a mood. I actually think that is Hayleigh’s attempt at a “picture smile”. And for Braxton? Well, he probably hadn’t eaten in like 3 minutes or something. But in a strange twist of events Royce was actually more than cooperative for a picture. I think it was because we let her be in the “forbidden area” of the yard, right before it drops off into danger land.)
037 copy
(I just HAD to document Royce looking at a camera and smiling…on purpose.)
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194 copy

Some more July favorites from around our house:
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109 copy2 113 copy 116 copy
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                            174 copy 175 copy
179 copy

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