July faves part 2

I haven’t emptied my camera onto the blog in a while, so I figured I would take a couple posts to do that. If for no one else than for me so I can come back and see what we did, see how cute my kids are and cry a little because when I come back to look they won’t be quite so little.
In July we went ate a ridiculous amount of fresh berries, Hayleigh went to Frozen dance camp, we had playdates and playground meet-ups a plenty, went on lots of family walks to find treasures and practice our different runs (Braxton has quite the variety), had lots of “cook-outs” which makes the kids’ dreams come true for some reason, and spent oodles of time soaking in the warmth of summer and family. It went by much too fast for my liking. I think every summer should have two Julys. But since we are only given one, we decided to enjoy it. And since we are only given one August as well, we are trying to make the most of that as well!
My family had a special tradition growing up which we have continued now that my sisters and I are adults (still weird to think that sometimes). At Christmas we would give each other “gifts that don’t cost anything”. Really what it means is the gifts are not allowed to cost any money. But they DO cost in energy, emotions, time and thought. It has become one of the most challenging and sweet part of our holidays. I just love it. This year my mom’s gift to us all was that we would each be given 2 months of the year, Peter included, and for that month a family get-together. It could be as simple or as elaborate as we wanted, and whatever we wanted it to be or become, it was up to us. This way each month, at least once, we would all be together (all being my parents, sisters, Peter, the kids and I). Well, we are halfway through the year and we have been pretty successful at getting together and making memories! We have gone to see a 4-story balloon sculpture of Jack and the Bean Stalk, had a family board game night, had an “Orange Party” to cheer Syracuse on in March Madness, had a birthday party for my grandma, gone to the Lilac Festival, dined at the Food Truck Rodeo, and gone to Mendon Ponds (one of my dad’s favorite parks) to fish, have a picnic and eat ice-cream. Tomorrow we are headed up to Alex Bay in the 1000 Islands for a day trip.

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In addition to those monthly activities we have, in the words of my mom: “planned to be spontaneous”. Last weekend we made pizzas and smores at my parents’ with Peter’s parents. The next day we went to Pultnyville and out to more ice-cream with both sets of parents as well. We love how much our families get along. It is a blessing we could not be more thankful for. What sweet memories we are making together. Yes, July was sweet. Well, I guess last weekend was August. (How?!) So, I guess August is off to a sweet start as well!
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