weekend recap: setting low expectations

There is a scene from Will and Grace that always makes me laugh (like most scenes from Will and Grace do). I don’t remember it word for word, but I am sure my sister Rylie does. Grace has a new boyfriend (Leo). He is coming over for breakfast and he has planned a fall bike ride for him, Will and Grace. Grace is explaining it to Will and complaining about how dumb the bike riding idea is and how she would rather just sit around and eat and watch TV. Then she gasps and says “Oh no! He thinks I do things!”

That is how I feel on weekends some times. I feel like they fill up so fast with fun things, but leave little time for…ya know…sitting around and eating and watching TV. Between errands and housework and Peter working part of the day every Saturday and seeing family and trying to make plans with friends and serving at and attending church, our weekends fill up fast. I know-us and everyone else too. Anyway, the summer weekends fill up even faster. This summer I have vowed to actually be a person who does things though. Sorry, Grace.

And what better weekend to start than the weekend of Father’s Day and Peter’s birthday. I always feel pressure to up my game around mid-June since these “holidays” coincide (yes, birthdays are holidays to us!). The way I respond to this internal pressure to wow Peter with an amazing weekend tribute/celebration is to basically NOT wow anyone, much less Peter. I feel like I should keep his and everyone else’s expectations nice and low so if I ever do do something elaborate I will blow their minds. I also feel it is important to teach my kids to dream small and aim low. So, yeah. I like to take the lead on modeling those important life lessons.

We attended a birthday party for friends on Saturday. Sunday morning we brought Peter donuts and mediocre coffee in bed, just past the crack of dawn. I worked at Dunkin Donuts for years, but still cant figure out how to brew good coffee. Luckily Peter is so gracious he would never tell me it sucked. Never-the-less I felt like the coffee I  was giving him was the elbow macaroni picture frame  or the “My dad rocks”  necktie of coffee and he was giving me the obligatory “I looooveee itttt. Thaaaannnkkk yooouuu sooo mucccchhh” and then secretly gagging when I wasn’t looking. The kids did NOT make him anything with elbow macaroni or give him anything to wear with a cheesy slogan. Maybe next year, Peter. Hayleigh DID make him a clay hand in preschool but clearly keeping that preserved in our house for 3 weeks was too much of a task for me. It broke into a bunch of pieces. And it is still sitting that way on our computer desk as I type this. Good things my kids are resilient, or at least more resilient thsn a clay hand print...again with those low expectations. I am telling you: model it young. So along with the breakfast, they sang him a song, well actually part of a song. They got distracted by the donuts. We made him a hilarious and adorable book written and illustrated by them. It is sure to be a best seller.

Later we went to Peter’s parents and grilled out-a Father’s Day tradition of sorts. I made disgusting watermelon flavored cupcakes that also look like little watermelon slices, at Peter’s request.. Some people actually confused them with slices of real watermelons-the fruit kind. They looked that realistic.

We sang. Peter almost didn’t blow out his one borrowed after-thought candle. The kids got covered in frosting and dirt. Hayleigh learned how to kinda-not really dribble a basketball. She says she is going to be a basketball player when she grows up. Oh honey. Poor little uncoordinated girly girl.

It was a good day. And because I felt like “hey, why don’t I really rock this whole mother thing and let Peter sit with his feet up?”, I bathed all three of the kids and put them to bed while Peter watched Lebron James pout on the bench during the NBA finals.. I know, I know. All three?! Alone?! I outdid myself this year.

Peter’s “actually birthday” is tomorrow. He took the day off work. So now we have a whole day of fun planned for tomorrow, instead of just 2 hours to fill in the evening. Maybe I should have saved my superhero mom bath routine for tomorrow night. There I go again, setting the bar too high. When will I ever learn?

But really, because I know you too are now sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see how awesome I can make Peter’s day tomorrow, stay tuned for more what it sure to be another blog post full of sarcasm and lots of pictures of my dirty, smiling kids. Oh, and Happy Father’s Day!

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(teaching him the “rock-on” symbol-the important stuff)
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(These two only needed one take to get a nice shot.)
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(Hey dad, remember 6 years ago on this day when Peter and I found out we were pregnant with Hayleigh and you said “I’m too young to be a grandpa!” ? I don’t think so.)

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