gluten free but covered in sand

Last June I wrote this post one week after going Gluten Free. Today is my one year anniversary of being “guten fee” as Braxton says. I am still just so grateful to have been able to find a solution to all my bizarre neurological symptoms! Today as I played outside with my kids, ran errands, made lunch, read a book and took a walk it was not lost on me that just over a year ago those were things I couldn’t always do. Some days it is still crazy to me that gluten could cause so much havoc in my/our life/lives! Over the past year I have accidently eaten gluten a couple of times, but never on purpose. People will occasionally ask me if I cheat and the answer is always “no!”. It is just not worth it for me. One time I had some chocolate syrup on an ice-cream sundae that had gluten in it (usually chocolate syrup is fine, but that brand had gluten in it and I forgot to check the label) and I was exhausted, shaky, had blurry vision and a horrible headache all the next day. I definitely miss having normal pizza or baked goods or a bagel…okay I need to stop. I never thought I would be a person who would be able to have dietary restrictions (because I have basically no self-control), but other than researching and reading labels this has been pretty easy for me. No self-control required when I see the results of feeling healthy and being able to take care of my family.

Speaking of spending time with my family, Peter took off work on Tuesday for his birthday. We went to Hamlin Beach for the day. As promised here is a smorgasbord of pictures of our day together.  Except for a brief shower about 20 minutes after we got there that sent us to hide under trees (and an awkward teenage couple getting a little too comfy with the PDA right in front of who we can assume was her mom/chaperone), the day was just perfect. We “unplugged” and spent the entire afternoon pretending that we were the only five people in the world…except for the above mentioned couple. The kids ran free, gathered treasures, chased sea-gulls, made sand castles and mud, and face planted/rolled in sand. I am pretty sure Royce thought she had died and gone to heaven. To her it must have seemed like endless freedom-just what her independent spirit always dreamed of. I never loved sand as a kid, but its funny now as an adult how I am coming around to loving the beach more-just for the sheer enjoyment I get out of watching my kids bask in it. Yep, it was an amazing “sand in your crack and you don’t even care” kind of day.

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To top the night off we went to our favorite neighborhood ice-cream shop with my parents. It was sticky, sandy perfection. Happy Birthday to our favorite guy and yay for one year Guten Fee!

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