Memorial Day weekend was “bamming”

Memorial Day weekend is always awesome. It seems the weather always cooperates. This weekend was no different. In the words of Hayleigh, this weekend “bammed our minds”. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed nearly every moment of our three day weekend, despite an ant infestation. We started out with an ice-cream party to celebrate Hayleigh graduating preschool. I got to go on a date with the most adorable three year old boy ever. The kids consumed large amounts of sugar (and so did the adults). They got to play with friends (and so did the adults),  we paid a quick visit to my father-in-law who is recovering from double knee replacement surgery,  grilled out on my parent’s deck,  busted out the sprinkler and water guns and got super water logged, caught tadpoles so we can kill them the same way we killed Hayleigh’s caterpillar “Stella”, and to wrap up the weekend Peter and I watched a good Denzel Washington action movie that left me plenty of inspiration for sneaking around my house ambushing unsuspecting ants with the same vigor and bravado that Denzel shot down his would be assailants. Oh, and I blew up everyone's instagram. Time well spent, I would say!

Photo: Celebrating our first day of summer with some sugar of course! #icecreammakeseverythingbetter #firstannualfirstdayofsummericecreamparty

Photo: Zoo date with #mybboybraxton . #heiscountingpilesofpoop Photo: Fro-yo! #cutedate #wearesotrendy #mybboybraxton

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(Hayleigh Memorial Day weekend 2010, Royce Memorial Day weekend 2014)
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Thanks to our veterans and Happy Summer!!

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