What we have been up to…

Or I should say what my kids have been up to since Peter and I hardly make it into pictures.
Spring is here. And just in time because if it had snowed more than 2 days over Hayleigh’s Spring Break I think we would have all needed to be locked up in padded rooms. Hayleigh literally cried when she saw it snowing. She said something along the lines of “What?! Nooo! It was only spring for 3 days and now it is winter again?! Already!?”  Thankfully the snow melted. All of it. For the first time since December 1st there is no snow on the ground. And we are loving it. I think this will be our best Spring and Summer ever.

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161 copy 
220 copy  171 copy 214 copy
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233 copy
Planting our first Vegetable Garden from seed. Stay tuned on how many plants survive.
268 copy 261 264 copy
Coloring Eggs:
   311 copy  327 337
Nana Betty’s (my grandma’s) 86th Birthday Party and Egg Hunt (with no pictures of Nana Betty at her request):
                                    135 copy 138 copy
Just being goofy and adorable (some of us are better at that than others):
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086 copy 003 copy 046 copy
And Easter:
044 copy
049 copy
                           075 copy 084 copy
(That last picture pretty much sums them up these days. Love them.)

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