Royce’s One year pictures because apparently it has been a year already

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I finally got around to taking Royce’s One year pictures. I figured since she was actually 13 months old and we were trapped inside with record low temperatures and about 2 feet of snow, it was a good time. Nothing like beating cabin fever by busting out your camera, throwing the world’s ransom of play dough at your oldest two kids to keep them distracted and letting your baby go hog-wild on some cake in the middle of your living room. Well, it worked for me at least. Royce was pretty okay with it too.
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I can’t believe what this girl does to my heart. I mean, I can. I have two others who do similar things to me, but yet each time, with each precious babe, it is different and new.
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Contrary to what the chronology of this post may suggest, these pictures were taken before she consumed half of that cake. The personality on this one often times causes Peter and I to look at each other, let out a stifled laugh riddled with nervousness and say something along the lines of “oh geez. We are going to have our hands full.” She is not lacking spunk, that is for sure. I love that about her. I love that my kids aren’t boring. Otherwise I wouldn’t have much to post on facebook about and I would probably start banging my heads against the walls….more than I already do.
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Every thing is a game for Royce. Whether it is a game of keep away with the dog’s water dish, peek-a-boo, or teasing one of us by pretending to share her food before yanking it away for herself at the last second. (This one is not a personal favorite of Braxton and Hayleigh, because as I am sure you guessed I never feed them. They are forced to rely fully on the generosity of grandparents and the sugar of doting Aunts as well as Royce’s table scraps. Times be tough.) They prefer her game where she feeds Paisley a bite of her food and then takes one for herself. Few things are funnier to toddlers and preschoolers than germy, dog saliva going where it should not go. Okay, poop. Poop is funnier. I just love her laughs. There are many of them. And her faces. There are many of those as well, but each one begs for a smooch or a nuzzle.
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I love this age. It is so full of developments. Royce actually took her first steps right before I started taking the second set of pictures. I am excited to see her not-so-little personality emerge more and more over next months, especially as she begins talking…ya know in English. Before I know it I will be taking her two year pictures. Oye. I am going to bite my own tongue. Love you my sweet, spunky, silly, Roycie Adelyn Bee-bah!

Ps. I have no idea why some of these black and white photos look Sephia toned on my blog. I am not an expert in such things, although I know that they appear black and white in my photo software. They do not look like that anywhere else but in a published blog post. It is kind of annoying me but only enough to post a PS about it. Not enough to really figure it out. That is all.

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