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Hey! Thanks to those of you who regularly read my blog and offer words of feedback, encouragement and love. It really makes my heart leap and my cheeks blush to know anyone appreciates my ramblings. I would never assume that anyone would be interested in what is going on in my life or what I have to say about it, BUT  I just wanted to make people aware that I have started a new private blog. I still plan to continue this blog. The new one is a place for me to process what is going on my with family these days. If you are a family member or close friend and would like to allowed to view the new blog, please let me know and I will include your email address on the viewer list. I am not trying to be super secretive…okay maybe I am. But it is only because I value the privacy of the people I love and the interweb is not known for being too awful private.

So, if you already know bits and pieces of what is going on, or you are someone who cares about me and my family and would like to read the blog, please let me know. I reserve the right to politely turn down some of the swarms of people who will undoubtedly want to read my emo-updates. It is not because I don’t like you, probably. It is not because I don’t appreciate that you care, unless you are just nosy. And it is not because you are a Duke fan-okay maybe it is.

So, if you still have interest after that hard sell, send me your application, references, social security number and credit card information ASAP and I will get back to you shortly (perhaps from a lodge somewhere in the Swiss alps).

Thanks for caring! And I seriously mean that in the least sarcastic way possible!

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