Day 9: getting mushy over finger paint and block towers


(Before leaving for school today: please excuse the cell phone picture, but doesn’t she look old enough to go to the prom?! Geez.)


Friday night was a pasta dinner at Hayleigh’s school which I was on the event committee for and today was the “Man in your life Day”. Despite our family collectively having the cold that never ends those of us who were supposed to be present at each event were present. Some times we thank God for small miracles (and tissues, lots of tissues).


Hayleigh was beaming with pride and excitement as she got to show off her new preschool a bit. She is so eager to spend as much time there as possible. It makes hauling all three kids to school, up and down flights of stairs, and back home, all to turn around and do it again 2 hours later, worth it. After our experience last year this is something I am extremely relieved and thankful about. She is an entirely different person at this preschool-confident, assertive, enthusiastic, talkative, friendly, bubbling over with details and excitement and news. I am really enjoying seeing her feel empowered and free to explore and be herself in a school environment. I am also enjoying meeting new families and getting involved in the Co-op. I know our former school is a perfect fit for many people and that our new school would not suit some families as well as it does ours. Today I am thankful for God leading us to this school because I really don’t think there could be a better fit for us right now. But mostly I am thankful that we get to watch our Hayleigh really come alive there. It is pretty wonderful to see. I consider this school and our experience there to truly be a gift.


Sorry for being overly mushy about a preschool. I mean some of you are probably wondering what kind of hormonal mess gushes this much about a place basically characterized by finger paint and block towers. This hormonal mess does. Me. There is one more possibility though: it might be the cold medicine talking.

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  1. I'm glad you guys found a place that is perfect for your family. That is definitely a treasure to cherish!


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