Day 8: sweet and salty

(Okay Peter, I am waiting for your comment about this picture.)

Today I am thankful for my husband and peanut butter. Okay, mostly my husband (but peanut butter is pretty incredible too). Since most of you are probably in agreement with me about how awesomely delicious and versatile peanut butter is I think it is safe to assume I would be preaching to the choir, as they say (and by “they” I mean my dad). So, I will try really hard to stick to just why I am thankful for Peter, even though typing his name may sometimes remind me of peanut butter, if I squished the letters together. If you look at your screen and squint you may see it too. No? Okay, I was hoping it wasn’t just me. Oh well.

I am thankful for my husband, for so many reasons. First, I love our story. I get more than a teensy bit excited when I get to tell people we have been together since we were in our early teens. I may even imagine myself brushing my shoulders off as I tell people. Yes, we are that cool. In reality it is pretty fortunate for us that God brought us together at such a young age because it is highly unlikely anyone else could tolerate either of us, mostly me. Peter is pretty great. He is hard working, has the highest integrity, is super-duper reliable and trustworthy, and when he isn’t really gassy he can pretty fun to hang out with. I think the best thing about Peter is I feel safe with him. He cares for me in a way that no one else ever could. He cares for me with his actions-in big and small things, everyday. But what makes those actions such a source of comfort and strength for me is that I know they spring out of a heart of utmost care for me. He genuinely takes caring for me more seriously than I think any other “job” he has. I never have to doubt Peter’s love, faithfulness or desire to serve and minister to me and our family. He is steadfast and true. I fit safely and comfortably in his arms. Not just they physical me, but the real, messy me-the emotional parts, the spiritual parts, every part of me just melts comfortably into him and I find my home there.


In these ways Peter has modeled Christ for me more times than I can count. In times when I have struggled to see God at work I have looked at Peter and see God in Him. When I have doubted God or resented God’s plan Peter has modeled the steadfastness, faithfulness and sacrificial, patient love of Christ.


The longer we are together the more and more I respect and love him. I love the person he has become (and is becoming) even more than the person I met and loved years ago. It is such a special thing we share: to grow up together. God has used us to shape each other. As I have said many times and as Peter stated in his vows to me on our wedding day: we are not ourselves without each other. I am abundantly grateful for Peter. Other than my salvation, he is God’s greatest gift to me. I shudder to imagine my life without him in it. He is my closest friend, my strictest confidant, my favorite comedian, and the best life-partner I could ever ask for. Our kids are blessed to call him “daddy”. As challenging and unexpected as life may be I would never want to do it with anyone else, any other way.



Day 8. There. Now I am going to go eat some peanut butter.

(Photography by Rachel Ann Photography in March 2012)

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