Day 5 and 6: not going solo

Yesterday we had a play-date in the morning and then in the evening I had a coffee date (even though I don’t drink coffee…someone tell me why again!?). It was a refreshing and fun day prompting me to be very thankful for friends! I have never been a person who needs many friends; a few good ones is enough for me! And I have been blessed with just that, actually more than that. I have wonderful friends who are there to encourage me, pray for me, laugh with me, dream with me, chat with me, cry with me, occasionally verbally smack me when I need it, and tell me if my outfit is too pattern crazy and is sure to give people seizures as I walk down the street (or more like walk into Target). It is pretty sweet that many of my friends have kiddos the same age as my own. I love to watch my kids interact and build their own little friendships. God didn’t design us to go at it alone. I am so thankful for friends to keep me (relatively) sane.


Speaking of not going at it alone, we have our Community Group tonight (through our church). Love those guys. I also love that every week my awesome parents watch our lovable, albeit crazy kids, so we can enjoy some adult time. It is such a huge blessing to have both sets of parents/grandparents in town. It is something neither Peter or I take for granted. We have never had to hire a babysitter. More than that our parents are really involved in our kids lives from slumber parties, to Sunday dinners, to impromptu drive-bys to talk about the days events,they take being involved in our kids’ lives very seriously. It is really heart warming to watch each set of our parents in the role of grandparent. The bond they have with our kids is so beautiful and we are incredibly thankful for our parents being in town!

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