Day 24 and 25: Simple minds, simple pleasures

Yesterday (Day 24) was such a sweet time celebrating our Roycie Girl. We started with her Dedication at church, which she slept through. Then our families came over for cake, presents and dinner…in that order. It was simple, refreshing and fun. There was lots of laughter, lots of yelling and lots of sugar- the makings of a good party in my book. For Day 24 I am thankful just for the sweet refreshment of being around family and having both sets of our parents and (some of) our siblings in the same room.

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Hopefully today you are feeling thankful for lots of pictures of Royce, because that is what you’ve got. And Royce is thankful for a giant pile of sugar and gluten. It’s the little things. ( And by little things I mean a piece of cake the size of your head. )

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And today, for a number of reasons, I am thankful for simplicity. One reason that comes to mind right now is since I elected to just have a very simple family shindig I am not cleaning up my whole house after a big blow out. But the art of simplifying is something God has been shoving down my throat laying on my heart recently. I am trying to do less but with more purpose, care less about the things that are a waste of my care, and just appreciate the gift of joy that God often wraps in the simple things. In practical ways this means streamlining my blog list and those who I follow on instagram, virtually eliminating pinterest from my life, not sweating the teetering jenga-esque pile of dishes in the sink when the heart of my kids are begging for a cuddle, actually being content with the house we are living in-and meaning it, and not caring (too much) that I don’t have that pair of ankle boots I have been lusting after. It has been freeing to de-clutter. (Let’s just be clear though, by “de-clutter” I certainly do not mean my house because that, my friends, is not happening any time soon…unless I get nominated to some type of HGTV clutter clean-up show.)  I feel a bit of a weight off my shoulders by letting go of some things that really don’t matter but I made matter way too much. I am learning to look at things that other people do, or things that are really important to them, and think “that is great for them, but I am not them, so I am not putting it on myself to be/do ______ too.” I can’t be awesome at everything and in trying to do that I have been pretty mediocre at lot of things and pretty scattered and miserable a lot of the time. In fact, I came up with a list of the things that I need to focus on, because who doesn’t love a good list?!

1.) I will work to grow closer to God and more like Christ.
2.) I will try to daily show Peter respect and love in ways that he appreciates.
3.) I will pour myself into loving my kids, giving them a stable foundation and ministering to their hearts.
4.) I will encourage and enjoy my extended family members and closest friends.
5.) I will serve at church in the capacity that I feel God calling me to.

At this point in my life these are the important things. If something does not fall under a category on that list, it might not make the cut into my schedule, or my mind. It helps me not to get wrapped up in discontentment or paralyzed by a to-do list that is too long. It helps me to not put so much pressure on myself to be the best at everything or to be everything to every one. It helps me to say “no” without guilt and also to say “yes” without guilt to the things on that list.  I have found this way of thinking to be so freeing for me and to give me so much more joy. When I do make time to do things that are not on that list, for example crafting, blogging, cleaning and organizing my house, I feel so much less pressure because these are the peripheral things-not the big 5. I recognize that everyone’s lists are different, so in no way do I judge people who do things differently than me. I just know for me, this is the way I want/need things to be right now and I am thankful that God has helped me to realize it, implement it and feel the peace of it. Yay simplicity!

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  1. I love your list and the idea of using that as a filter- and a way to chase away guilt. Thanks for sharing!


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