Day 2: Stop, drop and cuddle

So here I am actually following through and blogging for the second day in a row on my Month of Joy. I promise not all of these posts will be about my kids. I am bound to throw in something meaningful and relevant…or at least a reference or two to food or television. I mean we are kidding ourselves if we aren’t at least at times too thankful for those two bad boys. Or maybe that is just me. Anywho…don’t worry this will not be 30 days of talking about my kids. But today kinda is.


Today was one of those Saturdays where I had a nice long to-do list of things to accomplish around the house, errands and some plans this evening to meet up with some friends and their kids. But all three of my kids woke up with coughs, runny noses and fevers. They aren’t super sick, in fact they mostly perked up by mid-afternoon (Braxton enough that he could help Peter rake the lawn), but they were sick enough to cause me to mostly throw my to-do list out the window, hang out in my cluttered house in my sweats and do lots of cuddling. All of those things were much more enjoyable than my to-do list anyway.


Something I love about my kids is that all three of them just love to cuddle. For the most part, no matter what other temptations may be near they would give them up for a good-ol-fashioned snuggle. I don’t know how long this will last so I try to stop, drop and cuddle whenever I get the chance, especially when the cuddles are the pathetic, sick variety. And don’t label me a saint because it is not all give; there is definitely some take on my end as well. In fact today Hayleigh told me she was going to squeeze and kiss me to fill my heart with love so I could take it wherever I went, even when she wasn’t there. I mean c’mon! How can I not be thankful for that!?!


So despite the rain and the messy house and lots of boogers all around-today was kind of awesome in its own way. I got to cuddle one-on-one with each one of my kids and God also threw in a nice group cuddle session for good measure. I will file today away as a win.

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