Day 17: The sweets and stinkys of Sunday



Today I am thankful for our church and for the smell of Fall. I love opening the door and inhaling the cool, crisp air with just a hint of decomposing leaves and pumpkins. Why is it that these things smell nice when they are rotting? I mean, as far as rotting stuff goes, they smell wonderful-much better than the stuff I found in our fridge today. Yikes. Maybe I should add that I am also thankful for glade plug-ins.


Sundays are so sweet. Today was no exception, besides cleaning out the fridge and turning the air freshener up a notch. Peter was home all day with us. We got to relax, maybe put some of the laundry away that has threatened to overtake our upstairs..maybe not. Maybe take a nap instead. We got to go to church. I love our church. Today at church we went to an orientation for the upcoming Parent Child Dedication where we will be dedicating ourselves and our littlest love, Roycie Adelyn.


I am so glad that we get to be part of a church that partners with parents in raising kids to know and love God! The staff and volunteers take this very seriously. I am thankful for the excellence with which our children’s ministry is “run”. We truly want to make the most of every minute we have with the kids. I know every time we drop our kids off in their respective environments they will be shown Christ’s love in a genuine way. I know the volunteers will be purposeful about ministering to them and teaching them how to apply the Bible in practical ways. (Well, not so much that last part for Royce in the nursery. They are really slacking about Bible thumping those babies. Geez. ) I am so thankful for our children’s ministry and am so glad I get to be a part of it. I am even thankful for the florescent orange shirts and having upbeat kids’ praise songs that sound a little too much like Hanson on repeat in my head. (mmm bop?) The thing I love the most about the perspective our church takes on children’s ministry is that it is not mainly about the hour or so that kids spend there on a Sunday morning. It is about equipping parents to be the primary teacher and modeler (pretty sure that isn’t a word…) for their kids.


Today was a great reminder of that. It is so encouraging to sit alongside other parents who have kids the same age as our own and see them excited and serious about raising their kids to love God! How awesome is that?! I love being a part of that. I love that my kids get to be a part of that! I am so thankful for our church helping to equip us and cheer us on as we take on this huge task of raising our kids the right way. We need all the support and help we can get! I can never under-estimate the way God will use other like-hearted people to help us along the way. This endeavor is a challenging one, and one that I take more seriously than just about anything. To have people alongside us in the trenches, battling it out in the fight for their kids’ hearts is such an awesome breath of fresh air…and nothing like the smell of our fridge.

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