Day 16: book of (cute) faces

Today is my nephew’s first birthday! I can’t believe it was a year ago already that he was born! They live in Indiana so we are not able to see them in person regularly, but we do plenty of facebook stalking. They are coming to Rochester for Thanksgiving and we will get to celebrate Isaac and Royce’s birthdays then (whaaaattt??! hooowww!!??), but for today I am thankful for facebook.


I will readily admit that there are many negative things about social media. I myself am often too distracted by it or caught up in comparing my life to the lives of others portrayed on the interwebs. For some reason I allow my insecurities to convince me that people’s kids are always as well behaved and adorable as their facebook statuses suggest and that friend always looks as glowingly radiant as the instragram photo she just posted (even though it was quite possibly the 277th take from a ridiculous angle and she added a heavy filter). I buy into that everyone else has a cleaner, better designed house without an ounce of clutter stashed away in corners and closets or plastic toy food always under their couch, a date night every other day with exotic and delicious entrees and so much wine, and just the cutest ankle boots ever. There are definitely things I need to guard against when it comes to social media  But I also know there are lots of positive things that can come from social media if it is used with discretion.


I have found many encouraging and informative articles and blog posts I would not otherwise have read. I can be encouraged by people’s uplifting or humorous status updates or follow some of my favorite authors and bloggers who share words of wisdom and scripture. I have friends who are able to have a growing small business thanks to social media-something they would never have been able to do even 5-10 years ago. I am able to stay connected with friends and family scattered all over the country. On days when cabin fever is settling in hard and I am about ready to rip my hair out and claw at the walls, I sometimes escape to social media so I can feel slightly more connected to the outside world.  When I use it in the right way as the tool it is, social media can be a great thing. I think sometimes social media like facebook and instagram get a back rap, but today I am choosing to be thankful for what they have allowed me to do and experience, rather than blaming them for my own occasional misuse. Yep, I am thankful for facebook, people, if for nothing else than I get to see the sweet faces of my nephews from halfway across the country.

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