Day 15: Girls and hot glue

Last night I got together with a few of my favorites to shop and craft for a friend’s upcoming baby shower. It was just what the proverbial Doctor ordered, if any Doctor would prescribe copious amounts of gummies. I am thankful that I have a group of ladies, including the ones I saw last night and others who weren’t there, who get me, accept me as I am and genuinely care about my life. It isn’t just anyone who will refrain from judgment when you tell them your baby was just chewing on a pair of dirty underwear. (I know I already was thankful for friends, so hopefully you will count this one as something different because technically, for those keeping track at home, today I am thankful for girls’ nights.)

But really, these girls take me all of me-the ugly and messy parts and I never leave feeling anything but refreshed.   I am thankful for a place where I can be myself, laugh, vent, and stay out past my bed time, and on a week night no less! There is just something about girl time that rejuvenates me. These girls give me something I crave that God never designed Peter to. And let’s be honest, Peter would not make that purdy of a book page wreath. So, thanks God for a lovely group of ladies to do life with and thanks for girly crafty nights!

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