Day 10 and 11: give me some sugar


A few months ago a new phenomenon began in our house:the kiss that you can’t wipe off. It started because Braxton likes to be a stinker and pretend to wipe off all my kisses so I told him that I would give him ones that can never wipe off…no matter how many times he jokingly slaps his own face trying to wipe my kiss away. I figure laughing at my kid slapping himself until he is red isn’t grounds to call CPS because the whole thing began when I kissed him, right? Well now the “kiss you can’t wipe off” has become a staple. Before any one of me or the kids leave or go to bed or sometimes just because we are feeling extra personal space invading or lovey in a particular moment we will give each other a kiss that can’t wipe off. The kids are convinced that the kisses stay on their cheeks wherever they go and all through the night until morning. I am pretty convinced they stay on my face too, especially the really drooly ones. For day 10 I am thankful for kisses that you can’t wipe off; they are pretty much my favorite. Oh, and I am also thankful for the amazingly pudgy and adorable targets of my kisses:my kids’ gloriously cuddly, kissable cheeks.

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Moving right along to Day 11 because I didn’t get to the ol’ blog yesterday. Today I am thankful for mediocre-super-expensive-to-make-gluten-free-chocolate-chip-cookies. I made a new recipe with the kids today because I miss baking, especially baking with them, and because we were making dinner for their cult hero Ross (aka Woss), Peter’s co-worker who had knee surgery. I am kind of obsessed with almond flour lately. It has wonderful flavor and texture and doesn’t require xantham gum…blech. The downside is I used almost an entire 9lb bag to make 2.5 dozen cookies. Being gluten free just sucks. I know this is a month of sharing what I am thankful for, but I just had to say it.

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The thing I AM thankful for though is all the options available to us poor deprived glutenless people nowadays. I can only imagine being gluten free a decade ago, or even a few years ago, before all the wondrous blogs and the gluten free section at Wegmans. I am really happy with a number of substitutes I have found and some of them aren’t even that outrageously priced. I think now is the time to be gluten free, if there ever was a time, and if it ever was a choice (for most people).

Finally, here is a look at our Thankfulness Tree 1/3rd of the way done!


Some of my personal favorites thus far include:
“My great imagination”-Hayleigh
“My favorite food:bananas and sandwiches with peanut butter and honey”-Braxton
“honey”-Braxton about 5 more times
“The Cross”-Hayleigh
“Peek-a-boo, milk and playing with Hayleigh”-Royce (apparently)
“Highpoint” and “the Ark”(their classes at church)
“My guitars” (stethoscopes)-Braxton
“Coffee: aka Crack”-Peter
“Taco Mac”-Hayleigh
“Playing with Hayleigh”-Braxton
Every friend she ever made-Hayleigh
“Karsten, Isaac and Nana Betty”-Braxton
Mrs.. Gerardi”-Hayleigh
Did I mention Braxton said “honey”?
I can’t wait to see what other heartfelt, meaningful and ridiculous things they share for the next 20 or so days! What about you, what totally deep or completely inane things are you thankful for?

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