Royce 9 and 10 months

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My sweet baby is becoming less and less of a little baby! It has been two months since the last time I posted a Royce update and in that same amount of time she will be one year old! Whaaat?!


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She has grown so much in the past two months, not so much in size (although she has done that too!), but in development! (See below for photo evidence.)


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(9 months-not reading)

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(10 months-reading )

At 9 months and one week old she started crawling. (Yay/boooo). I took a picture of her starting to pull herself up on our coffee table with my phone and posted it to facebook saying “she is doing this but not crawling yet” and then literally 5 seconds later she let herself down and crawled over to me!  Cheers erupted from the stands! Braxton and Hayleigh were shrieking and cheering (and jumping on top of her) with joy and excitement. I love how proud of her they are. They genuinely love her and are still so excited she is here! The excitement occasionally dissipates now that she is mobile and getting into their stuff. But they have learned to trade toys with her and do it with a very happy vigor. Royce is not always as happy to have that nice mouth sized puzzle piece or Barbie shoe snatched from her hands and replaced with a baby rattle or plush book that presents no chocking hazard what-so-ever. In that case she usually abandons the toys and finds a nice shoe to chew on.


She can climb up one or two steps. I can’t keep her from them any longer. She did it for the first time at my parent’s house last week from their family room den into the kitchen and then proceeded to crawl back down the step and face plant. Ooops. She will high five and has developed this silly scrunchy nosed smile/snort. It isn’t too lady like but neither is pooping your pants so I figure we have some time for both of those habits to work themselves out. For now the scrunchy snort smile is pretty trademark-cute.





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She says a few words: “uh-oh”, “hi” –although never on demand, “more” , “num-num” (yum) and a few times I insist she said “mama” directed at me. Peter will testify. Mostly she just yells “yayayaya” and chews on her fingers, which is also pretty adorable. You can’t get away with drooling on people and still be called cute for long. Milk that stage girly. 




On the topic of teeth, she has 6 now. For a while she just had 3-two on the bottom and one off to the side on the top. We called it her “315” tooth (which will only make sense to people from the Rochester, NY area).  She looked a little hillbilly-ish, so we are happy that three other teeth decided to come in up top and even things out…kinda.




059  (there is that srunchy face again.)


She continues to be such a bright spot in my days. Her sweet face cannot help but bring a smile to mine. She breaks through even my worst moods or my most distracted hazes.




I love seeing her develop. Even though a lot of it is the '”same” as her older siblings, it is all fresh and new each time. I still laugh out loud watching her dance to music. Sometimes I turn on music for Hayleigh and Braxton to dance or so they can put on a show for me. She sits on the floor and subtly dances right along as the craziness goes on around her. She sings along to music in the car and speaking of the car, there are not many sweeter moments than the rides to and from pre-school. I was worried the time spent in the van would be drudgery, but it is just so sweet watching her and Braxton interact as he works so hard to keep her awake until we get home for nap time. And Royce gets excited every time Hayleigh is back in the backseat to talk to. The giggles are just what my heart needs. Watching her play peek-a-boo and laugh hysterically at the antics of her siblings makes my Mommy heart almost burst. Watching her try to open mouth kiss our dog Paisley at every opporitunity does not. That actually churns my stomach. The girl just loves to kiss. Can’t fault her for that.



          081copy 089 082


(Have I ever mentioned my obsession with my kids’ lips. It is real and it is deep.)

I was looking back to last year when she was still on the inside and I was feeling pretty uncomfortable. I knew it would all be worth it, and it has been from the beginning, but to look at how quickly this year has gone and how different our lives are with Roycie here, is just so special. She has just wiggled her way into our hearts and captured each one of us. I love that silly little lady! I can’t believe I am planning a birthday party for her already! Ahh!! Slow down baby girl!



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(9 months)


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(10 months)

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