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Sometime in mid May I called Peter on the phone at work and told him this was going to be the best summer yet. I was so excited to spend hours playing outside with the kids and just bask in enjoying them at these ages. Well, now this summer has come and gone. I am not usually one to wish summer would last, but this year I have to admit I am a bit sad to see it go. I guess because it represents another tally mark down. There are a finite number of summers before my kids are gone and only one with each of them at any given age.  The first month and a half of our summer was really tough as I was going through my gluten stuff. So, I guess I feel a little giped. Sorry to sound depressing. I really am excited for fall! It is my favorite season and filled with some of our favorite family traditions! But instead of my usual “full speed ahead” to fall I wanted to share some highlights from our summer.


New kiddie pool.

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Father’s Day

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Friends visit


Peter and I go to Lake Placid



These moments:



Jim’s (my father in law’s) 60th Birthday Surprise

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This. Just This.


And this.


Forth of July


Brown’s Berry Patch with Family in town

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Royce finally goes in a swing without screaming and other playground days


Darien Lake Work Picnic



Daddy’s softball games


Hayleigh “swimming” with a noodle


Trips to the Public Market



New Bikes



This Face (a definite highlight for me)




The Spray Park with family

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Summer Walks




Rain Dancing


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We had playgroup, and trips to Netsins for ice-cream and dozens of trips to different playgrounds, and a couple trips to Hamlin Beach that need a post of their own because there are tons of pictures.

My favorite nights are the ones where we take a long walk and then come home and play in the yard. Maybe I get the camera out. We laugh a lot and stay up “too” late. Then we go inside and have cinnamon milk and read books and cuddle and sleep well. Even though there were things we didn’t get to do, this summer still was wonderful. I am actually sad to see it go, but excited for a Fall full of memories.

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