Reason #58943024 I am glad I am not a single mom

Reason #58,943,024  I am glad I am not a single mom:

When my daughter calls from up the stairs “Mooommmmyyy the toilet wouldn’t flush and now it is really, really full and spilling on the floor” I just look across the room to my husband, raise my eyebrows and that is all it takes to send him up the stairs to swim in feces.  I would much rather put all three kids to bed than spend the better part of the evening mopping up the mess and trying to figure out exactly how much has dripped through the heating vent into the basement. And I got the pleasure of hearing Hayleigh relay the incident to me saying, “It didn’t flush so I tried again…and again…and again…and again. It just wasn’t working. I think you guys need to fix that toilet or something. Ooooh is Daddy taking all the those old blankets upstairs for my bed to be cozy or to clean up all my pee? There was sooo much, Mommy. He can use my (night) light so he doesn’t step in poop.”


Peter I love you.


And single moms, serious props. I can change all the dirty diapers in the world, but wading in toilet water, nope.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that made me laugh out loud. I'm so glad you have a husband who's ready to take on the messes!


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