Pre-school: so cool.

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(as an explanation, a "Virtue" is a pre-teen or teenager who leads the children's worship at children's church "Highpoint" at our church.)

Well my Hayleigh Girl started her second year of pre-school this week. I honestly don’t think it could have gone better. We started her in a new school this year for a number of reasons, but mostly because we felt this would be a better environment for her and a better fit for our family as a whole. Turns out we were right! (yay!) Hayleigh is already over-the-moon excited about her new school and new teacher and new friends. Last year we had to pull teeth to get information out of her but already this year she is bubbling over with news and excitement! My Mommy heart is full of so much pride and joy!
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Her first day was only an hour and the moms got to stay. Last year when I spent a day in her class I left in tears so distraught over the way she was so withdrawn, unsure and almost sad at school. We had never imagined her to do anything but thrive in pre-school so we knew something was wrong. I was just heartbroken over this and other instances that followed. We knew we all needed a change so this year when I went in with her on her first day I expected she may be hesitant or even fearful. To my surprise she was the opposite! As I watched her interact with the other kids and her teacher I could not help but smile. She walked right in, found her hook, her name tag, washed her hands and started cutting out her first craft. Then she moved onto dress up (of course) barely even checking in to see if I was there. During painting time she deliberated longer than all the other kids making sure her “smiley face flower garden” was just right. During circle time I felt myself welling up with tears, but for a different reason than last year. She raised her hand and answered questions, participated in a song and game and then when it was time to go she went right up to her teacher and said “bye Mrs. Gerardi! I will see you on Wednesday!” It may sound trivial but to me this was monumental. Hayleigh takes a long time to warm up to new people and new circumstances. She is such an observer and processer. So, for her to feel comfortable enough to talk to her teacher on numerous occasions without my coaxing or mediating was a big step. I was so proud of her and so excited for what this year holds for her!

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I can tell Mrs. Gerardi has taken a special liking to her, which makes my heart happy to see someone else appreciate my Hayleigh for the wonderful person she is. Already Hayleigh has told me she likes her new pre-school better than her old one (something we were careful never to bring up), is “so cool” and her new favorite place. I am sighing many sighs of relief and thanks to God. This is going to be a great year for us! 

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