Hello, old friend.

Could it be?! Is Spring finally here? No more snow and below freezing temperatures? I think I willed Spring here because last week I gave up on wearing boots and busted out the pretty flats. I braved 40 degree temps at the zoo in a light jacket and crocheted flats just out of principle. (I later came to regret this decision.) Anyway, I think (fingers crossed) that Spring is finally here and might just be sticking around. We went to church yesterday with sweaters on-no bulky winter coats and fuzzy hats and mittens, and I also took the “Bundle me” off Royce’s car seat today. We took a walk without our shoulders hunched up to our ears and our heads down bearing ahead. We could actually feel all of our extremities upon returning home. This is big people.


Then today we went outside for some good old fashioned “playing outside”. Royce was completely shell shocked by the sun and wind. I had to remind the kids they didn’t need to bundle up and I had to remind them it was okay to walk off the sidewalk without boots on, but eventually they got the hang of it. It all came back.  It’s just like riding a bike…or for them not quite. They aren’t quite bike experts yet. For them, it’s more like, well I guess, blowing bubbles.


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Yay Spring! I am pretty convinced this will be our best Spring and Summer ever.

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