First Official Day of Spring Ramblings and Roycie Girl

Well, today officially marks the first day of Spring! Here at our house we have all come down with a severe case of cabin fever and are more than ready for the snow to finally melt and it to feel like Spring! The sun was pouring in the windows today, which I love, but it is also quite a tease since it is still only about 30 degrees outside. Soon. Soon.

In the meantime I have been trying to spruce things up around the house. We had hoped to be house hunting by now, but that will have to wait indefinitely. As long as I am “stuck” in this house I figure I might as well make it pretty as I strive to be content. I have been buying, making, arranging things here and there when I can find time, nothing too elaborate, but enough to make me a bit giddy!  I haven’t taken any pictures yet except this one of our new coffee table from West Elm. Its kind of my new crush. More pictures of the small changes will be coming soon…once I hang and few things… and oh yeah actually clean my house.


I was also really challenged by the sermon this past Sunday that I am (still) not making spending time in God’s word a priority. I am too quick to make excuses or allow the distractions and demands of the day prevent me from spending quality time. Peter and I started a new reading plan with You Version this week, Soul Detox. The reading the past couple days, along with reading Desperate are really allowing God to encourage, uplift and change me. I am so excited! Since I am reading Desperate so slowly (both out of necessity and also out of the desire to really internalize as much as possible), I am going to be peppering in another book or two as I savor reading each page and chapter of Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson’s wondrous, life-giving book.  A few on my “to read soon list” are “The Ministry of Motherhood”, I am finally going to read “Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches” , “Crazy Love”,  Peter and I are also going to read “Heartfelt Discipline” and “Gospel Powered Parenting” and maybe I will finally finish “Instruments in the Redeemers Hands.” Hmmm…maybe the “soon” part of the reading list will have to be used liberally!

March Madness starts tomorrow and Peter took the next couple days off of work. I am preparing to make our annual March Madness Nachos which will certainly wreck havoc on our digestive tracks. Oh what we do for the sake of tradition! hehe I love that this is a passion we both share! The potential problem is this year our teams may meet and play one another in the Sweet Sixteen…not good people. Please pray for us, and recommend any good marriage counselors you may know. ;)

And because it seems no post is complete without too many mentions and photos of my kids here are some pictures of my sweet Roycie Girl enjoying the sun shining through our windows today. There is not a doubt in me how much I love this girlie and how excited I am to grow to love her more and more. Although it can be challenging how much she needs to be held it is so sweet and a privledge to see how much comfort she finds in my arms. God is also using it to teach me to run to His arms to find my comfort and rest.

  The many faces of Royce:

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Happy (kind of almost) Spring!

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