3 months

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You continue to be incredibly interactive for your age. You remain pretty content as long you can observe all that is going on around you. You love to be part of the action, although I have gotten you to nap better upstairs. You are “enjoying” tummy time more, as in you aren’t screaming your head off the whole time.
I just love to see you smile and giggle. Sometimes all I have to do is look at you and you burst into a laugh that shakes your whole body. You are so cheerful and I love how you soak up all the love and attention you can get. As much as a three month old can, you return our love. I love to kiss your delicate little lips and nose and I love your little alfalfa hair that that we can’t get to stay down.
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You definitely resemble your brother and sister but I am noticing more and more that you have your own look. I wonder if you will look more like me. Sometimes I see so much of Daddy or Omi or Papa in you, but other days I think you look nothing like them. Funny how you change your look so much!
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Something that hasn’t changed (still!) is Hayleigh and Braxton’s obsession with you. I honestly (still!) spend so much of my time policing them from squashing you with love. It really is sweet, (and a little scary). I have always hoped for siblings that are close knit and each other's best friends. Hopefully you all continue to have a mutual love and admiration for one another as the years go by.
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I love you so much, my sweet girl! I am loving this crazy, challenging, rewarding time in my life, and I love having you in it! It warms my heart and fulfills me to see the comfort you find in my arms. I can’t wait to see you develop more into the little person God made you to be! As the next chapters of our love story come, I hope that I can be a mommy who recognizes who you are, points you in that direction and sharpens you to be more like Christ.

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