Some photo series

I am not sure how to spell the plural of series so I am not sure how to express that there are more than one series of photos here. Is there even a plural? Anyway if you look below you will see that so I guess it doesn’t matter.  :) These pretty much sum up life around here these days…except that in these photos everyone’s hair is relatively clean and combed and no one is in their pajamas at noon.

1464 copy

1466 1467  1468

1469 1472
1474 1476 copy

Braxton is the star of that series and Royce is the star of this next one.

1634 copy1642
1643 copy 1644
1645 1646

Oh, what we go through to try and get one good photo! I know we will look at these in years and be transported back and have to laugh! I was happy though to finally get one decent family picture of all five of us at Braxton’s birthday dinner last week.

1916 copy
I love my little (well maybe not so little anymore) family!

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