One month (or so) in

Well, last week Royce turned one month old…already. And yet, I feel as if she has already been here a while. She is starting to interact and observe more of her surroundings, which is always fun to watch. She will sometimes smile at us  and coos so sweetly. I think she is telling me that she loves me. Hey, that’s what Hayleigh says she is saying so we are going to go with it. All in all she is a pretty content and chill baby and sleeps awesome (yay!). Of course her growing up brings up some ugly feelings of wanting to lock in her a room and somehow concoct a potion that will make her stay teeny and squishy forever.

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The novelty has not worn off for Braxton and Hayleigh. They still spend most of their time surrounding Royce, talking to her in high pitched tones, singing to her, kissing her, occasionally jumping on her and generally crowding her personal space. I am not surprised by Hayleigh (well maybe a little that her fervor has not waned at all) but I am pleasantly surprised by just how infatuated and in love Braxton is. Oh my sweet kids.

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Just as expected it is a full time job just keeping everyone fed, clean (kinda) and safe. Picture me spending much of my day acting as human barrier between overly-affectionate-can’t-contain-their-excitement-children  and a  wide-eyed-scared-for-her-life-just-wanting-to-sleep-child. It is good agility training if I ever decide I want to revisit my athletic days.

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Christmas was wonderful and even though it was two weeks ago I still feel like I should document it with a handful of photos, mostly just the kids adorable outfits and our first semi-successful attempt at a family photo.

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We are adjusting pretty well to being a family of five. It isn’t easy and there are definitely moments where I want to run away and go stay in a hotel just to escape the constant demands and to hear some quiet. There are moments where I don’t think I am cut out for it and I am certain I will fail. There are moments where the walls and mounds of laundry and dishes start closing in and I wonder how I will ever keep up…and keep sane. But God has given me a wonderful husband who is a great help to me and also pretty good at giving me a dose of reality when I need it. Not that those feelings aren’t reality but he is good at reminding me of what actually matters and encouraging me to look at the blessings. And we certainly do have a lot of blessings-three pretty adorable, wonderful blessings that I can think of off the top of my head!


It is still a little surreal to me that we now have a family the same size as the one I grew up in. I always wondered what my family would look like someday. And then Peter and I would wonder together how many kids we would have, what genders etc. And here we are-with our wonderful little family becoming complete before our eyes. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I mean this in the least cliché way possible; we are truly blessed.

I have realized a few things the last month-ish since Royce has been here.
1.) My house will probably never be clean again.
2.) I can plan on having a perpetual headache because moments of quiet are few and far between.
3.) Wearing make up is a novelty.
4.)As infants all three of my kids did/do the same adorable lip purse as they arch their back.
5.)It really is true what they say, some of the things you thought were so important with your first baby you realize don’t really matter by your third and you lighten up a lot. (We will call it lightening up and not  getting lazy or being too busy to care.)
6.) My van doors will not lock when it is turned off but the keys are still in the ignition. Thank you Dodge for preventing me from locking three kids in the car at the Stone Road Kwikfill.
7.) We should rent out a room at our pediatric office. It would probably be cheaper than our copays. So far this month we have all had what I have dubbed “The Cold that Never Ends” (…it just goes on and on my friends…), as well as one serving of Croup, three sinus infections, two ear infections and RSV.
8.) Going from 2 to 3 kids is less challenging than going from 1 to 2. Maybe it is because Peter and I are skilled at zone defense. But it is more likely because by adding a third kid we just added to the crazy.
9.) Seeing your kids welcome and love another sibling unconditionally and passionately is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Sometimes it feels like the walls of my heart will burst from my swelling love.
10.) I need to start making my own laundry detergent. I am spending way too much money on the stuff.
11.) You use your tail bone for more than I previously realized before breaking it in childbirth.
12.) My kids (and husband for that matter) all look exactly alike when they sleep.
13.) Almost 4 and almost 2 year olds still need to be held and kissed just like a baby.
14.) People will tell me a lot that I '”have my hands full”. I think I might start answering with “better full than empty!”
15.) Even though sometimes I might not feel that way, this is what I was made to do.

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