Blue eyes, big smiles and snow balls

We have had record snow this year which is a lot different from last year when Hayleigh didn’t get to play outside in the snow until the middle of February. We got a big storm right after Christmas, but before Christmas we took the kids outside to play. I had almost as much fun as they did as I took photos of them playing.

IMG_7298 copy

I love to watch them laugh and play without any thoughts of the evils, disappointments or stresses of this world.

          IMG_7284 copyIMG_7300 copy

Sometimes I like to just try to lose myself in their world.

        IMG_7305 copyIMG_7283 copy

I watch their ice blue eyes twinkle in the reflection of the sunlight.

       IMG_7281 copyIMG_7315 copy

I listen to the cadence of their giggles echo through my ears.

IMG_7328 copy
IMG_7317 copy

I can’t help but laugh myself as they stumble, doubled over from laughing and playing so hard they can barely breath.

IMG_7310 copyIMG_7327 copy

I try to imagine I am learning and experiencing life along with them for the first time.

IMG_7291 copyIMG_7323 copyIMG_7324 copy

I shut out the day to day stress, the demands, the sadness, the newsreel, the conflicts, the worry for the future, the exhaustion of adulthood.

          IMG_7313 copyIMG_7278 copy

And lose myself, just for a moment in their world.
It is the best therapy of all.

           IMG_7333 copyIMG_7347 copy

And because I couldn’t leave out my littlest baby, here I came in to get some cuddles from this sweet girl. (Actually these photos are from another day but I did cuddle with her!)

IMG_7987 copy
(3 weeks)

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