What I learned from my summer of reading…

I have been trying to be purposeful about reading more this summer. If I am being honest reading even one book for “pleasure” or edification (i.e. not required reading for school) would be an improvement for me. Anyway, while I am not finishing out the summer quite where I had ambitiously unrealistically planned on being, I have read five books.

Front Cover Dont Make Me Count To Three Front Cover Grace-Based Parenting What Women Fear: Walking in Faith That Transforms   -     <br />        By: Angie Smith<br />    <br />

I highly recommend all of them for different reasons. I feel like I learned a lot from each one. And maybe it was good that I didn’t read more books because now I find myself somewhat paralyzed by all the knowledge, well actually all the things I was convicted of and all the things I wanted to implement or change. My mind is swimming in a sea of molasses and to-do-better lists. I have already started to try to implement a lot of what I read in “Don’t make me Count to Three!” It is a very practical, applicational parenting book, specifically for parents of pre-school age kids. I read through it in one day and had a lot of “aha!” moments. While I don’t completely agree with her style, a lot of what she says resonates with me. It makes sense. And it is completely chock full of scripture. I have tried to use a lot of her practical discipline and instruction advice with my kids already.

Really my trouble has come more from the overall conclusions I have come to about myself as a result of reading the other books, especially “Grace Based Parenting” and “What Women Fear”.

I remember reading Rick Warren’s “A Purpose Driven Life” while I was in high school. In the book he names a few things that can drive your life (I am assuredly butchering this). At the time I couldn’t come to any real conclusions about what option of all the ones discussed fit best with me. Clearly, I did not know myself real well at that point. Two of the options, the only options I can remember, are fear and guilt. (Maybe me remembering these two options over the past decade should have clued me in…). As I read this summer and as I used my insomnia as a chance to mull over what I read, God brought what I had read all those years ago to the forefront of my mind. Oh, how clear it is to me now what I allow to control my life. I am a person who is often controlled by fear and a person riddled by guilt. If you know me well at all you could have probably solved this conundrum for me long ago, especially when it came to fear because that is abundantly clear. I think the guilt is a little more of a private struggle.

I have come to realize that so many of the decisions I make, from how to spend my time to what I allow my brain to ruminate on, to the attitude I have as I go about my day, to the way I view others is tainted by my fear and my guilt. So often I am held captive by my own fear and anxiety. I knew this to be true of me before reading Angela Smith’s wondrous book, “What Women Fear”, but now I am even more aware of all the areas in my life that fear is an unwelcome presence. She tackles different types of fears in each chapter of the book. At the beginning of some chapters I started reading thinking to myself “oh, this one doesn’t apply to me. I don’t fear______”. Well, let me tell you by the end of each chapter, actually usually by page two of each chapter, my thinking was more along the lines of “oooh crap! This one applies to me too!?” I guess I didn’t always classify certain feelings as fear and certain feelings or thought processes I was unaware of all together. (Needless to say, I think every women should read this book. Especially if you are a big ball of fear and anxiety like me…or even a little ball.)

Reading this book left me feeling at moments overwhelmed by the amount of fear I live with. Which instantly sends me into a spiral of guilt. I realized reading her tender words, most of which were God’s own tender words from scripture, that I have such a skewed image of who God really is. There is the obvious-if I really had a grasp of who God is I would fear so much less. And yes, this is true. I have known this to be true. In fact, in my guilt over my fear I have beat myself over the head with this one many a time. From another perspective I saw that my own skewed view of God actually contributes greatly to the guilt I feel about my fear. Then in my guilt I pull away from God instead of running to Him which leads me back to where? You guessed it. More Fear. I think the component I have been missing in all my endeavors to “fear not” is that of guilt. Now, I am not saying that guilt is a bad thing. I am saying that a life lived in guilt, a person constantly wallowing in guilt and rarely using that guilt as a catalyst to push them into the love, forgiveness and freedom of Christ is wrong. Maybe I better way of phrasing it is shame. My skewed view of God and thus my skewed view of how God views me leaves me stuck in fear and guilt.  I am actually the person who reading in scripture when Jesus tells us “Do not fear for I am with you.” (Isaiah 41:10a) reads this as a harsh rebuke rather than a comforting command and promise. Hence the guilt.

One of the main things Angela Smith wants to convey (and did a marvelous job of!) in her book is that while fear is not good, it is a realistic part of our lives. We cannot really expect to live entirely without it. We can however use it to point us to God. She speaks words full of truth and grace throughout her book. She does not mince words about who God is or how our fear is not founded in truth. But as she shares example after example from scripture about how even the “best” of God’s followers were captive to fear, and example after example of how God met them in that fear and used them for great things, I felt God chiding at my heart, pointing me to Grace.

Angela Smith uses the example of a father watching his daughter star in a play. She explains that despite when the daughter messes up her lines, or stumbles over a piece of scenery, God is the Father who is in the front row with a big smile on His face, cheering her on. I guess I always envisioned God in the back with a note pad jotting down all the mistakes so that in the after-show critique He could say “Overall okay. But I noticed here, here and here that you embarrassed us pretty badly.” I certainly do not picture God applauding me. Maybe after a while He might say something along the lines of “Well, I guess this is the best Emily can do. She will never be as good as my other daughter playing the lead but if I lower my expectations a little more, then I guess she can be classified as mediocre. I mean it is Emily we are talking about after all." It never crossed my mind that God would be looking instead for the areas that I shined. It certainly never crossed my mind that I, in my mess up of a day to day life, could make God smile…or applaud.

The more I thought about what I have read in “Grace Based Parenting” the more I felt this was confirmed. This book is all about mirroring God as the perfect parent as you raise your children. Tim Kimmel discusses how the primary way that God parents us is through grace. When I see myself sitting and watching my kids “put on a show” I watch them with eyes of love and excitement. I marvel at how adorable, funny, special and beautiful they are. I would never sit and critique their every move. Despite addressing their bad attitudes or bad behavior, when I look at them I see my babies. And I am overcome with unconditional love. What a powerful thought for me to think that God would choose to see me the same way.

I know God takes sin very seriously. I know that often our picture of God is too small and so is our picture of our sin. I am not talking about being okay with not improving in certain sin areas. I am not talking about overlooking or excusing what a wretch I can be. I am just saying that God has whispered to me as I have read this summer. And one thing He has been telling me is that despite all the yuck I am wrapped in and even the yuck at the core of me (and all the yuck in the middle) He loves me. He thinks I am pretty great. I still don’t know why, but apparently He does.

He wants me to come to Him when I am running on the fear and guilt gerbil wheel. My fear does not make me useless. It does not make me worthless. It makes me human. It makes me a work in progress. And so I choose to face my fear rather than run from it. I choose to not let it send me to the closet of guilt. I will preach the Gospel to myself daily- the good news that acknowledges my guilt and fear and turns it into victory and freedom. I choose to have my fear and guilt  make me run to arms of my Father who will quiet all my fears and erase all my guilt.

“The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more,  so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 5:20-21

“The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

a letter to my son (18 months!)

IMG_5208 copy

Braxton Boy,

Yesterday you turned eighteen months old. Sheesh. I feel in some ways like I was just pregnant with you a few months ago and just a few weeks ago I held you in my arms for the first time and kissed your sweet smelling head and soft, puffy cheeks. In lots of other ways though I feel as though you have always been here. Honestly, it is kind of hard to remember life without you in it. You have changed our lives and our home in so many ways, that I strain to remember who we were and what we did before you were here. What would our family be without your sweet, silly, sideways smile? Or your breathy, motor-like chant as your run crazily from room to room barely missing walls (and sometimes not…). Where would we be without your strong willed, sometimes finicky personality? Where would Hayleigh be without her favorite playmate and protégé? My lips, but more my heart, would miss your generous outpouring of kisses. A family walk would never be the same without you pointing out each house that owns a dog. I am pretty sure that Daddy would never feel quite as good about coming home from work without your exuberant “DAAAAADDDDYYY!! MWAAA!!! UP! UP!” Yes, my sweet boy, you have certainly given our family, and me personally, things I never knew were missing. But now that I have them, and you, I can’t imagine my life without.

I have said it before, and I will say it until I die, you have taught me so much. When you were born I thought I had an idea of how to be a Mommy. I had an idea how to be Hayleigh’s Mommy, but you taught me how to be your Mommy. This is a challenge and a privilege that I thank God for often and strive to learn more of how to master every day. There have certainly been times in the last eighteen months that have been less than pretty, and a far cry from easy. But I am so thankful that even when I could not see exactly what God was trying to accomplish in my life, He could see. He knew that you were just what I needed. Even when I never would have known it before getting to know you, God knew. And I am so glad He did. I will always credit God with using you to deepen my understanding of unconditional love. He has used you, and the love I have grown in, the relationship I chose to fight for, to give me a whole new perspective on God’s love for me. What an incredible journey! What a beautiful blessing!

Even before you have been able to understand God has used you. He has had a purpose for you from the beginning. I am sure that He has so many more plans for your amazing life, my sweet boy. I am so honored to be your Mommy and just to be able to be used by God to mold you into the person He wants you to become. I am so blown away by the fact that by being your Mommy, I get to be privy to how God is going to use you for amazing things-big and small.

It is my prayer that the personality that we see emerging in you now will be put to a powerful use for God’s Kingdom. You are so perceptive. You often notice things that everyone else overlooks, or a least expects a toddler to overlook. I am often amazed by your perception and awareness of the world around you. You really don’t miss a thing. I pray that someday God cultivates that in you so that you are aware of the needs of others. Maybe you have been given this gift so you can make a difference in your community, in the world. Maybe you have been given this gift so you can be sympathetic to what is going on in the hearts and minds of other people. I think this is a beautiful thing. I hope that as you grow older you will continue to see the beauty and intricacies in the world. I pray that you will be compassionate and loving as you are in tune with people around you.

You are also very strong willed and sometimes temperamental. This is often seen as a negative trait. And I agree that sometimes this can manifest as sinful stubbornness and anger. Beware against that in yourself. God gave you a very passionate, deliberate, particular personality. He wants to use it for His glory. Don’t stifle that in yourself, but rather instead of falling into the ways that it is easy for you to sin, chose to use this part of you for good. I firmly believe that once you figure out how to channel this part of your personality, and once you align your will with God’s will, you will be able to do amazing things. I can only imagine the things that your passion and vigor will enable God to do through you- whether it is something “big” like leading a ministry, or being a missionary or maybe a social worker or something as “simple” as being a strong husband and father. (By the way, I hope you know that neither God nor I think that being a Godly, passionate, loving husband and father is any less of a high calling that being Billy Graham, or any other great evangelist.) Whatever God calls you to do run toward it with all the passion He has given you. As it says in Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving”.

I have seen many people who are told they can do “anything” be paralyzed, lacking direction and thus they do nothing of any real consequence. They are afraid to fail. They are afraid to succeed. They are lost because apparently they can do anything, but that doesn’t give them any real answers as to what they are meant to do. I can already see that you and your sister are smart enough, and people centered enough to do whatever you would want to do. I don’t want this to be a stumbling block for you though. I hope that Daddy and I can encourage you in what you love and are talented at. But more than that, I pray that you find your sense of identity in God alone. I so long for you to find your security and significance in who God is and who He made you to be. You are “God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do’ (Ephesians 2:10). Since God is the one who made you, it makes the most sense for you to seek Him when deciding who you are and what you should do with your life. I pray that as a boy and as a man your identity would not be in what you have accomplished, who you know, what you do for a living-but rather that your identity would be in Christ. I pray for you and your sister often that “out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ” (Ephesians 3:16-18). May this love, may His grace and Truth, be where you find your identity, your strength and your direction in life.

First and foremost God created you to love Him, honor Him and reflect Him to the world. He created you because He loves you dearly-even more than I do, which is sometimes hard for me to comprehend. He gives you the freedom to chose what it is you will do in this life. As long as you are honoring God and using the talents and passions He has given you, you cannot go wrong. John MacArthur says it well in his book “Found: God’s Will”. He says, “God’s will is that you be saved, Spirit- filled, sanctified, submissive and suffering. God’s word makes that all clear…If you are doing all five of these basic things, do you know what the next principle of God’s will is? Do whatever you want!” (p. 54).  As one of my favorite verses Psalm 37:4 says “Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” The bible also says that “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1). This refers to returning to our sinful habits. I also think it can be applied to living a life of freedom when it comes to God’s will for our lives,. Since God set us free to be free-, I pray you will live free, and with courage, because God also says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). I often pray that you will be a man of courage. This courage can only come from a relationship with God that defines who you are, otherwise it is foolishness. May you have confidence in who God has created you to be and may you go through life with courage.

I love you so much my sweet B. I don’t know when you will read this letter. Right now you are upstairs taking a nap. When you wake up I will open your bedroom door and say “Is there a B in here!?” You will jump up and down and say “yeah!” as you lunge for me and wrap your arms around my neck. I will pick you up, swing you around in a hug. Then I will kiss your irresistable cheeks and bring you downstairs to play. Someday I will not be here to kiss your cheeks, answer your questions, and give you a secure love that directs you in life. Only God can do that. I pray with all my heart that you will know God personally and find security and direction in His love. Just as you run to my arms now, and rest in my embrace, I pray that someday you will do the same with your Heavenly Father. Right now you are only eighteen months old. Sometimes I selfishly wish I could keep you young forever, but in reality I am raising you to release you. The only comfort I find in this is that as I release you into the world you will be held by arms stronger than my own- the arms of God.

I adore you my sweet boy. However old you get, you will always be my precious, baby boy.

Love always,


I have learned that you do not smile (or do much of anything else) on demand. I have so few pictures of you smiling at the camera. No matter what absurdities I am saying behind the camera, you refuse to look at me and if you do look it is usually with a unimpressed look. When I catch you smiling candidly it is often when you are running or playing and sometimes the shot is out of focus. Anyway, you really are a happier, more expressive kid than my pictures suggest. You currently have two incisor teeth poking their way through, so yesterday was not your best day. In order to cheer you up we spent a lot of time reading “Curious George”, “The day the Goose got Loose”, Elmo books (against my wishes), dancing to “Go Fish” and watching out the window for cars and dogs. In order to cheer me up I asked you lots of questions because I love to hear your sweet voice answer “nooo”, yeah!”, “uh huh.” or “ummmmm….”.

IMG_5209 copy IMG_5222 copy
IMG_5223 copy
IMG_5213 copy IMG_5242 copy IMG_5261 copy
IMG_5248 copy IMG_5229 copy
                     IMG_5260 copy2 IMG_5263 copy2

When Hayleigh met Braxton (looking back)

100_8749 copy

This is one of my favorite pictures, ever. Maybe even my favorite. Its not because of the quality of the picture but because of what it represents and the story that replays in my head every time I look at it.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this story-the story of the first time Hayleigh and Braxton met.

I had told Peter I was adamant about Hayleigh meeting her brother before anyone else. I knew once our eager family members, completely overflowing with love and excitement,  filled the little hospital room that she would cower in a corner. I knew when she did get to see him and hold him she would not really be herself because she was distracted by all the commotion or posing for the on-lookers. I knew there is only one first time for meeting a person that will we along side you in some capacity or another for the rest of your life, someone who will shape your childhood and help you discover who you are. I knew it wanted to “do it right” and I wanted to capture the beauty of the two of them for the first time on camera so we could relive it over and over again. Peter was on board with me. He nodded and gave me a lot of “yes, Emilys” leading up to the day when Braxton was born. I knew he was sick of hearing me express my wishes, but in my mind I was afraid I might be out of control of the situation and I needed him to just know what I wanted. He was super patient with me, as always.

Braxton was born by a scheduled c-section on February 24, 2011. As I lay in the recovery room, really holding Braxton for the first time (in between holding a bucket to puke in. The anesthesia got to me, really bad), a nurse poked her head in and said that our family was already standing in the hallway ready to see him. They were so anxious. The c-section had been pushed back almost 6 hours because of emergency situations that demanded the operating room. As we were transported to my room, I remember being wheeled past them on my bed. It was like we had our own little cheering section. I got to the room and told Peter I was not ready to see people quite yet because I was still throwing up uncontrollably from being moved. Once that settled down a bit a few minutes later I told him it was okay to bring people in. It was already probably about 7pm and visiting hours were almost over. In my mind I had resigned myself to the fact that there would be a stampede. I sniffled back a few tears expecting that Hayleigh would be ushered in amidst the crowd of adoring grandparents, aunts and uncles and we would never have the moment of solitude I had been wanting.

Then Peter did one of the best, most loving things he has ever done for me. As I craned to see who was coming in the door, I saw my wide eyed baby escorted by her proud, loving Daddy.


I started to cry. Looking at her precious face, so full of anticipation, confusion, and innocence, still makes me tear up.
Peter lifted her up to see her new brother, who was laying in his “crib”. She immediately lunged over to give him a kiss. This immediate overflow of unconditional love and exuberance is so fitting from my girl.


My sister, Rylie was there too. I had asked her to take the pictures since I didn’t know if I would be able to. She took these first ones. Then as Hayleigh went to sit down waiting to hold Braxton, Rylie passed me the camera. This was not part of the plan, but Peter had to sit with Hayleigh since I was not well enough to be jostled and climbed on by a two year old. I could barely sit up or move. My legs were still jelly and the more the anesthesia wore off the more my abdomen ached. But I honestly credit God for allowing me to be so lost in the moment that somehow I was able to sit up enough, ignore the pain and the horrible nausea long enough to get some photos of them meeting. (Afterward I was scolded because I caused some damage to the incision and initiated another bout of vomiting, but it was worth it. )

100_8736 copy100_8737 copy
100_8738 - Copy100_8739 copy100_8740
100_8744 2 (2)3 copy100_8745 copy
100_8749 copy

The magnitude and beauty of this moment was clear to me, even then. The way Hayleigh welcomed into her world made me melt. She really had no ability to understand all the implications of having a sibling but she was and is such a loving, welcoming person that she truly was overjoyed to have him in our family. In these moments I felt myself swell and almost burst with love for Hayleigh-the one who made me a Mommy. I felt so excited to get to know and love my precious baby Braxton even more than I already did. And I fell even more in love with my husband for making this moment possible for me, even when I had relinquished hope of it happening.

As I look back now, I am even more struck by what was happening. At the time I didn’t really know Braxton, but now that I do know him for the spunky, affectionate, silly, adorable kid that he is I appreciate this memory even more. I see now in person every day what I could only imagine then. I see Hayleigh and Braxton living as brother and sister-hugging, playing, fighting, dancing, chatting, laughing. Some times I think to myself, “This is their childhood.” The childhood that I have memories of, the childhood that I had that shaped who I am today-this is what they are living, right here and now. I am so glad that they have each other in this world.  I use these pictures and the memories that come along with them to quiet myself in any moments of worry about what the future holds, as our world is rocked again by adding another person. Along with all the joy comes challenge and uncertainty to be sure.  Reliving this moment makes me excited to welcome another little one into our lives in a few months. I know she will be just as special, unique and beautiful as my other two babies. Each day the excitement in me grows as we wait to have our family be complete.

Little Moments

As a mom there are some moments that ooze so much beauty that they are able to temporarily blot out all the ugly moments that come with mothering: when I hear Braxton giggle and chortle uncontrollably-so hard in fact that I find myself laughing almost as hard, all while cringing because I know at any moment he may throw up,

IMG_5115 copy IMG_5120 copy

when Hayleigh asks to sing Braxton a lullaby and then serenades him with the sweetest, most tender, yet kind of absurd lullaby I have ever heard, when Braxton dances his crazy dance moves or practices his “gymnastics”, when Hayleigh pulls out one of her classic lines that makes me burst out laughing and melt at the cuteness and thoughtfulness of a three year old (today it was “my grapes are little geniuses. They are talking to me with water hats on. How silly, surprising, and wet!)

IMG_5130 copy2 IMG_5138 copy2

or when they both snuggle up for a story and burrow their little faces and elbows into me as if they are trying to climb back inside. Yes, moments like these come everyday. Some days there are more than others. Some days I take the time to notice them more than others. But when these moments come-you know, the moments that almost make time pause and the sun shine a little brighter- every negative little thing just melts away. Suddenly I don’t care that my hair is a mess and I probably am not going to get the chance to put make up and “normal” clothes on today. My mental to-list is suddenly forgotten, along with the pile of laundry on the window seat. That time five minutes ago when it was literally all I could do to not let loose the “mommy monster” on Hayleigh because she body slammed her brother to the ground…again? That time has long passed.

IMG_5134 copy

I have never much been one for the cliché phrase “live in the moment.” But I ordered some prints for a gallery wall that I am hoping to get finished in Hayleigh’s room sometime before she leaves for college and along with the prints came a little card that said, “live in the moment”. Maybe it was the color scheme or the design that kept me from throwing it away. But whatever the reason I started to think about it. I am still not super fond of the saying. Probably because it implies having no regard for your future-something which is often on my mind (in good and not-so-good ways.) The more I thought about it though, the more I thought I could adapt a little bit more of this “motto” into my life, especially because of the stage of life I am in. All too often I get caught up in things that don’t matter and I miss opportunities to stop, and immerse myself in the moment, so much so that I feel as if I am really living right there in that moment. This doesn’t just apply to moments with my kids. I just happen to spend more time with them than anyone else.

IMG_5135 copy2

So, I am trying to have a more balanced perspective the past few weeks. I am trying to integrate living in the moment and relishing the time I have right now. I am trying to gain a new perspective that enables me to be held captive by the sweetness of the times Braxton looks up at Hayleigh with the adoring gaze he reserves only for his big sissy-his little hero.

IMG_5153 copy3

I am trying to allow myself to really be moved by the gravity of the childlike love Hayleigh shows when she tells me “Mommy, you are my best friend. Did you know that you were my first friend in the whole world?”

                 IMG_5133 copy IMG_5156 copy

Moments like this come every day, and if I don’t live in them while they linger for a time, then I know once they pass on by I will regret it. In a way, God uses the the sweet, beautiful moments to give me the fuel I need to weather the ugly ones.

IMG_5151 copy

When the moments come where I want to rip my hair out, or get in the car and just drive to escape it all for just a few minutes, in the moments when they are screaming at each other so loudly that they can’t even hear me trying to mediate, I will remember that these moments will eventually pass as quickly as the tender ones. Maybe if I choose to live in the tender ones, and weather the crazy, ugly ones, at the end of each day I will remember the beauty and not the chaos-or maybe better phrased the beauty in the chaos.

I hate the funk

I have been in a funk lately.

I could blame it on the scalding hot, record breaking summer temperatures we are having. I could blame it on the fact that although people failed to warn me, apparently when you are pregnant with your third child your body decides to stretch out semesters one and three so that they meet in the middle, completely over-taking semester number two and with it any hopes of feeling “normal”. (Maybe that is just me…) I could blame it on the fact that three-quarters of us ended up with strep throat in the middle of summer and then we thought Braxton has some kind of colon-kinking-up-randomly-causing-pain–itis (believe me my name for it is easier to say than the medical term) and he ended up at urgent care, the emergency room and numerous Doctor appointments before we discovered it was actually a poop blockage. Go ahead and insert your chuckle here. Don’t laugh too hard though or I may just send you the bills for the specialist copays. I could really blame it on lots of things I guess-no date night in about…ooooh….forever, three consecutive “craft days” having to be rescheduled, appliances and car windows and a vacuum cleaner randomly breaking, you get the idea. But if I am being honest, I really just need to blame my funk on me. I am a funk master.

And since I am a funk master sometimes I wallow in my funkiness. Well, the other day I got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to make a change. I needed to kick myself in the pants…figuratively of coarse. I don’t need to make another trip to the emergency room because I fell over trying to be coordinated enough to kick myself in the pants when I am six months pregnant. I have been hearing about/reading about/seeing cool shout outs to #She Reads Truth for a while now and never took the plunge to join it. For anyone who doesn’t know it is a blog that connects women all over the world as they read the same passage of scripture together each day and discuss it, encourage each other, hold each other accountable etc. Why haven’t I joined in, you ask? Oh I could blame it on a number of things, but that would kind of be pathetic. It is already embarrassing enough the excuses I can come up with in my mind. The answer probably boils down to laziness. Well they started a new reading plan yesterday (proverbs) and I officially joined in. In just two days I can feel such a difference in my attitude, my energy, my demeanor, everything! Who would have though that God and His word had the solution to my problems?! (For anyone who can’t detect sarcasm and is now judging me for being shallow or stupid or a pagan, let me help you out…that was sarcasm.)

Anyway, I am really excited about the journey through proverbs. The accountability is going to be really good for me! Nothing like a little positive peer pressure to motivate ya! Is anyone else out there reading along with # She Reads Truth? If so, let’s peer pressure the heck out of each other! I am in, and the funk is out!

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