Introducing Royce Adelyn Gavenda

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Our sweet baby girl finally came to meet us on December 3, 2012 at 1:18 am. She was 8lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long: by far our smallest baby yet even at 5 days late! She was born via a successful and quick VBAC without me having to be induced. We have fallen in love all over again. Honestly, from the first moment I met her I felt such a rush of love. Isn’t it amazing how God doesn’t spread out the existing love, but creates new love in our hearts each time we have a child? She instantly has her own spot in my heart, and in our family.


The first time I met her I had the feeling of “finally we meet. It was you all along”.  You that we weren’t expecting. You that I felt move inside me for months. You that your brother and sister have talked about with anticipation. You that we prayed for as you grew inside me. You that we waited for. You that God had planned from before the beginning of the world to join our family and to be you..wonderful, beautiful you.

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Meeting Royce I felt like I was meeting someone who I already knew. That is how it has been for each of my kids, but more so with her I think. I felt like I was meeting an old friend who I knew and loved years ago. Someone who was familiar yet still full of so much mystery.

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Hayleigh and Braxton meeting Royce was one of the sweetest moments of my life thus far. (It was also one of the craziest moments as I watched my kids tear up the hospital room, one more than the other…hehe, and thought to myself, “holy crap, we really do have three kids now!”) Braxton kept talking to her in the most tender high pitched voice ever, think one that would make dogs howl…”Hi-lo Babyoyce!” (He has gone from calling her Boyce to Woyce to abbreviating it to just Babyoyce, all one word.) My whole pregnancy I had been wondering how much he really understood about a new baby coming and whether or not he would “get” that the same bump we had called Royce for months was now a living, breathing sister in front of him. But he did. He didn’t seem to bat and eye and has continued to take it all in stride. We are still working on not grabbing the face though. I must have at least twenty pictures of him going for the eyes…all in love to be sure yet a little scary just the same. Since we have been home he sings lullabies to her, gives her lots of hugs and kisses and is very protective of her. He wants to know where she is at all times and when he loses sight of her a slight panic ensues. Whenever she cries he asks us what we are doing (usually changing her diaper) and he will stand over her with a concerned look until she stops crying. He is already such a good big brother. I am proud of my sweet big boy.
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Hayleigh meeting Royce brought and still does bring tears to my eyes. She has wanted a sister yet I still wondered how her excitement surrounding Royce would translate once she was actually here.Well to answer that question it has translated into the sweetest, most loving obsession ever. From the moment she met her it was evident to everyone how much she just oozed love for her new baby sister. There are lots of pictures, but I think they tell the story of the joy and beauty of them meeting better than I could in words.
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My crazy little world.

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