Hayleigh starts preschool!

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Hayleigh started preschool this week. Be still my heart. I was fine leading up to it but the night before we went to orientation and I think it all sunk in: how “old” she is, how this is more than just playing with friends, that she will actually be learning, and being all big and stuff. I went to bed the night before feeling a mix of pride, sadness and excitement-mostly excitement. I mean how could I not be when her bubbly enthusiasm was so darn cute and contagious?! The next morning she was at 6:30am telling me we were going to be late. It was a task to get her to sit still enough to eat breakfast and get her hair brushed. I watched her prance and twirl in her “preschool dress”-the dress she picked out on her own that pretty much sums up her personality.

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I only teared up once. Looking at her in her backpack all ready to go just made me get a little misty for a moment as I thought about how my baby, my first precious baby, was growing up.

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The first day was really more of an orientation. It was only a half hour and the parents stayed. This was basically the same thing as giving Hayleigh one lick of an ice-cream cone and then ripping it away. She was NOT happy about leaving. I had to verbally, almost physically, drag her away from the sand table, the same sand table she has been talking about since open house in January. I guess that is a good sign! One of her teachers asked to take a picture of her on her first day. She probably could have picked a better time because all the poor woman got for the picture was a pouty scowl.  Peter and I had lots of explaining and comforting to do on the ride home.

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Today she went for her second day for a little longer, all by herself. When I picked her up I took her to a playground and “interrogated” her as she swang.

Her favorite part of preschool: “Playing on the playground, eating bird crackers and walking in a line”
Something she didn’t like about preschool: “Nothing. Everything at preschool was fun.”
Something she learned: “I didn’t really learn about frogs today.” (Their first unit is on pond life and there are “pet” frogs in the classroom.)
A way that she showed God’s love to others: “I didn’t take any toys from kids and I let a boy play with a tower with me.”

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It is still a bit hard for me to believe she is in preschool, considering it doesn’t feel that long ago that my sisters were having their first days and I was telling them all about what to expect. I told her as I put her down for a nap today, (yes! a nap! Maybe preschool will grow on me!), how proud I am of her and how excited I am about all she is going to do in preschool. As she curled up with the same blanket she has used since she was a newborn, she replied “I know, Mommy. I love preschool. And I love you.” Perfection.
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