Apple Picking 2012

I should be cleaning my house. The pile of laundry on our window seat is threatening mutiny. I should be doing any number of things to prepare for this baby jumping around inside me. But alas, I am sitting here at the computer with a plate of apple crisp, making mental to-do lists and not tackling a single item on them.

We had a full, fun weekend. I just try to eat up every fleeting moment of nice fall weather before winter creeps in, sometime around early November. On Friday night I had a much needed girls night. Saturday we took the kids apple picking-one of my favorite traditions all year! On Sunday my mom and I also went to on a walking tour of a local historical cemetery. Braxton has been getting those fang teeth, ( I can never remember the name of them) for what seems like an eternity and has slept horribly and been a bear the past two days. It amazes me how much more tired I am after being up with him for a night or two now compared to when my body was in the routine of feeding a newborn at all hours of the night. Can’t wait for that… It is coming before we know it. And now I am back to all the things I should be doing to get ready. But instead I am going to share some apple picking pictures.

IMG_5809 copy copy
IMG_5812 copyIMG_5825 copy
IMG_5820 copyIMG_5837 copyIMG_5839 copy
IMG_5841 copy2
            IMG_5876 copyIMG_5851 copy
IMG_5863 copy
IMG_5861 copyIMG_5818 copyIMG_5883 copy2
         IMG_5886 copy2IMG_5878 copyIMG_5889 copy2
We always go the second or third weekend in September. Last year I realized that we had done this unintentionally at the same time every year since we were married. It is always fun for me to look back at how our family has changed from year to year. And in case you are wondering, I take way more pictures than I actually pick apples. I leave that to Peter and my adorable helpers. I laughed on the way home this year because I literally didn’t pick a single apple. Good thing they like to share. Well, my apple crisp is gone. Maybe I should go be productive while my sweet apple pickers rest.

Happy Fall!

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