I hate the funk

I have been in a funk lately.

I could blame it on the scalding hot, record breaking summer temperatures we are having. I could blame it on the fact that although people failed to warn me, apparently when you are pregnant with your third child your body decides to stretch out semesters one and three so that they meet in the middle, completely over-taking semester number two and with it any hopes of feeling “normal”. (Maybe that is just me…) I could blame it on the fact that three-quarters of us ended up with strep throat in the middle of summer and then we thought Braxton has some kind of colon-kinking-up-randomly-causing-pain–itis (believe me my name for it is easier to say than the medical term) and he ended up at urgent care, the emergency room and numerous Doctor appointments before we discovered it was actually a poop blockage. Go ahead and insert your chuckle here. Don’t laugh too hard though or I may just send you the bills for the specialist copays. I could really blame it on lots of things I guess-no date night in about…ooooh….forever, three consecutive “craft days” having to be rescheduled, appliances and car windows and a vacuum cleaner randomly breaking, you get the idea. But if I am being honest, I really just need to blame my funk on me. I am a funk master.

And since I am a funk master sometimes I wallow in my funkiness. Well, the other day I got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to make a change. I needed to kick myself in the pants…figuratively of coarse. I don’t need to make another trip to the emergency room because I fell over trying to be coordinated enough to kick myself in the pants when I am six months pregnant. I have been hearing about/reading about/seeing cool shout outs to #She Reads Truth for a while now and never took the plunge to join it. For anyone who doesn’t know it is a blog that connects women all over the world as they read the same passage of scripture together each day and discuss it, encourage each other, hold each other accountable etc. Why haven’t I joined in, you ask? Oh I could blame it on a number of things, but that would kind of be pathetic. It is already embarrassing enough the excuses I can come up with in my mind. The answer probably boils down to laziness. Well they started a new reading plan yesterday (proverbs) and I officially joined in. In just two days I can feel such a difference in my attitude, my energy, my demeanor, everything! Who would have though that God and His word had the solution to my problems?! (For anyone who can’t detect sarcasm and is now judging me for being shallow or stupid or a pagan, let me help you out…that was sarcasm.)

Anyway, I am really excited about the journey through proverbs. The accountability is going to be really good for me! Nothing like a little positive peer pressure to motivate ya! Is anyone else out there reading along with # She Reads Truth? If so, let’s peer pressure the heck out of each other! I am in, and the funk is out!


  1. I see your funkiness and raise you general ungratefulness for the blessings God has given me! I have been dwelling so much on the negative and not the positive lately. In my finances, in my marriage, in my job. He keeps reminding me of the complaining sermon... I am essentially complaining against the place where GOD has decided to put me at this time. Funktastic!
    #SHEREADSTRUTH WE'RE doing it together! We should do a #shereadstruth bible study discussion :)

  2. Yay! This sounds really great! The ladies at our church meet for a book study, take a few weeks off, then start another one and it's always so encouraging to be pushed to the Word. I've also been "reading" (Ahem... falling asleep while trying to read) Jesus+Nothing=Everything by Tullian Tavidjian and that has been such a push to the cross and dependence on Christ in humility.


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