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This week Hayleigh has been at a Princess Dance Camp in the mornings. This is a foreign world to me. I never went to dance. I never even had more than one dress up outfit. I never really liked the color pink. I wasn’t a tom-boy; I logged in my fair share of hours playing with Barbies and house. I just never was taken much with dance and my parents never encouraged it. I haven’t encouraged it with Hayleigh either. My oh-so-generous sister bought her the week at camp and let me tell you-Sister Friend is eating it up! After the first day she came home with ballet clothes that my sister had gotten her (did I mention my sister spoils her?) because Hayleigh said she wanted to look like the other girls. Oh my heart.

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With Sissy being at camp this means that Braxton and I have had lots of un-precedented one on one time together. We are both eating it up, although he we have spent some of the time napping. I am just brimming over with love and affection for this little man. He pulls at my heart strings in a way that only he could. I am so grateful for how God uses time to change things and work things out. It is sometimes hard for my heart to remember a time when I was not head over heals in love with this sweet, silly boy who gets cuter everyday. He is always on the go-playing, running aimlessly waving his arms, colliding into things. Often, seemingly randomly in the midst of his activities he bursts into a run and a toothy grin and plunges straight into my arms for a hug and a kiss. He is also developing so much more of a silly sense of humor and little quirks. Everything Hayleigh does is golden and hilarious and he either mimics her (including putting on her dress up clothes and twirling…sorry Peter) or doubles over laughing at whatever she says to him.
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I still don’t take any hug from him for-granted and every smile he gives me penetrates to my heart. I count each of these moments a victory and treasure our story of bonding and growth. I am so thankful to God for seeing us through this journey. 
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Yesterday I was 20 weeks pregnant- half way there. Sheesh! It is going so much faster this time around! I am finally feeling less nauseous and light headed and have a bit more energy! I am still huge, in fact I have already started staining the bellies of my shirts when I am eating. I feel little girly moving all the time now. She has really been upping the number of those wonderful kicks to the bladder that send me running to the bathroom. I have ordered some fabric for nursery aka corner of our room. The first one came today and I literally jumped up and down squealing (and then ran to the bathroom). It is from Michael Miller’s Secret Garden Collection, of which I have ordered most of the line and am having anxiety about cutting into.

The plans in my head are going to make that corner as nice as any little corner can be. We have picked out a name. Miracle of miracles we agreed! We are keeping it a secret from most people though. We have heard (and still hear) a lot of insensitive comments about Braxton’s name so we are keeping this one under-wraps until she makes me debut.

We are going raspberry picking this Saturday and I cannot wait! Raspberries are my favorite but I hate to spend my life savings on just a few of them at the grocery store. I can’t wait to stock up! I am already planning recipes to make with the ones I don’t inhale by the handful!

It has been almost unbearably hot here this summer. A low temperature is mid 80s. Let me tell you something about myself: I am a sweaty person. I don’t tolerate the heat well, especially when pregnant. This summer has been a lesson in not complaining because I don’t like when people grumble about the weather. We have not been outside as much as I would like because on days when it is mid 90s I just can’t do without the air conditioner for extended periods of time. We are making the best of it though. Thank goodness my parents have a pool!

I still haven’t gotten hardly anything on my crafts/diy/being creative to-do list done recently. I told Peter that next Sunday he is on duty with the kids so I can have the whole afternoon and evening to get things done! I have had plans for our bedroom for about 6 months and they need to come to fruition. I also have some projects up my sleeve for Hayleigh’s room before I begin working on the nursery area. I am getting anxious-can’t wait! I have gotta get these things done before I am as big as a house (although Hayleigh told me a few weeks ago I was as big as our minivan).

Well, I guess that is all my blabbing for now!

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