It’s a girl!

We had our ultrasound on Monday July 1st. I always have nerves and a pit in my stomach going into an ultrasound. I know that there is so much that can go wrong with a pregnancy and never want to take a healthy baby for granted. We were very happy to see a healthy baby! This was the most thorough ultrasound I have ever had actually. (I am so glad I switched practices!) Baby greeted us by immediately putting her thumb in her mouth. I felt tears well up in my eyes. This sounds so dumb, but I actually thought to myself “awww it’s a baby!”. Obviously. I don’t know why but at that moment it all clicked for me. I have been pretty distracted with taking care of Hayleigh and Braxton that I haven’t had much time to think about this pregnancy. I obviously knew in my head this was going to be another member of our family, but this time it clicked for me emotionally. I fell in love. I felt a rush of excitement that I have not felt yet this pregnancy. I knew with my heart and not just my head how this little person was going to transform our home, our family and be just as loved as my other two babies. I thought to myself “Okay, I am ready to have another baby. I am finally good with this.”
It took about a half hour to find the gender. It was the same way with Hayleigh. The tech told me she thought I would probably have to come back but told me to go try to empty my bladder thinking maybe that would enable the baby to change position. I prayed a silent prayer that we would find out the gender…mostly for Hayleigh’s sake who just before we left said to me” Now you will KNOW I am having a sister! Have fun seeing my sister!”. I couldn’t imagine going home with no news for her. The tech gave it one last try and our sweet baby decided against modesty! I saw the three little lines before the tech said anything. Then she zoomed in a little and said “Well, kids know best! You are having another girl!” We were so excited, again mostly for Hayleigh; I would have been happy with either gender.
I had promised Hayleigh she would be the first one to know. So when we came home we sat her on the couch and told her, before anyone else. Here we are telling her and her reaction.
Telling Hayleigh the news!
Then Hayleigh ran/marched/pranced around the house for about 45 minutes yelling, giggling and singing songs about sisters. I was adorable and sweet.
This girly will have her “nursery” set up in the corner of our room. This is not ideal, but it’s the best alternative for what we have now. I am struggling with not being able to decorate an entire nursery but I already have some fun plans for her corner. I am pretty excited!

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