Peter’s birthday and Father’s day newspaper article

(I wrote this for Peter in Word and printed it in newspaper format to give him. I just copy and pasted it to the blog which is why it is not formatted in the original way and some of the photos are a little blurry.)
Local Man prepares for the ultimate day of celebration
This Sunday, June 17, 2012, in a rare occurrence, an Irondequoit man will have his birthday occur on the same day as Father's Day. Peter Gavenda will turn 26 years old on the same day as men around the country are celebrated for their fatherhood. In an effort to understand more about the man who can manage to juggle two exciting celebrations in just one day we met with his family who include wife Emily, 3 year old daughter Hayleigh and one year old son Braxton.
Hayleigh began the interview by clarifying that her father is in fact, Daddy. Her favorite things to do with Daddy are play outside, get "flown" up in the sky and ride on his shoulders.
Daddy's eyes are blue, his favorite foods are cheerios and chicken, his favorite color is green and his favorite team is softball. He is special because she can give him hugs. Hayleigh then demonstrated by giving a rather aggressive, choke-hold-esque hug to the interviewer. Needless to say any man who can withstand hugs of this nature must be extremely strong. Hayleigh also mentioned that her Daddy's favorite thing to wear is clothes, but he sometimes takes his shirt off. When asked why he does this she replied "because he does. He takes his shirt off for the picture". This was such a hysterical thought for Hayleigh that she needed to take a break from the interview because she was overcome with giggles.
Braxton refused to comment except to say "Daddy" repeatedly and lay his head on our camera while making kissing sounds.
Peter was not present for the interviews because he was at work, trying hard to provide for his growing family. The Gavenda family will welcome one more addition this November, although by the looks of Emily it seems she could be due much sooner.
When asked how she was preparing for the duel celebration, Emily replied that while making one day doubly special is a very daunting task she was up for the challenge. To begin she is making a special cake that Peter has never had before. Usually he chooses a "funfetti" cake but this year he has shown that he is capable of growth and change and has selected an Orange Sherbet and Angel food cake.
This will be the eleventh of Peter's birthdays that they have celebrated together. She mentioned she is proud of the person that he has become over those past eleven years. She had only dreamed of them having a life this full of love and happiness and can't wait to see what else is in store in the years to come.
Hayleigh agreed that they should make cake and also suggested making a birthday card and a flower for Daddy for his birthday. She specified that the flower should be pink and added that her Daddy would also like cupcakes. Braxton was not available for comment as he was upstairs napping.
Our interviews have yielded some very interesting information to be sure. For one thing, this man seems to really like cake. Secondly, he has a family that really loves and respects him. He must be a very special man.
We wish him the happiest of days and hope it is full of relaxation, grilled meat, Genny Cream Ale, laughter, family, old stories, high fives from drool covered hands, neck hugs, Kanye West and Weezer, debates about the Chicago Bulls or Yankees, mesh shorts, Dunkin Donuts coffee, trips to Amans and Balsam Bagels, Carmelo candy bars, long range three pointers, retro Jordans, Sticky Lips BBQ, morning coffee and quiet time, comparing chest hair with other mid-twenties friends, vacation days from work, Indiana Hoosiers beating Duke, retro Jimmy G's pizza, The Office before Steve Carrel left, Slurpies, Sportscenter, date nights, lots of sales, small group, old friends in town, summer evening walks, Will Ferrell movies, bedtime stories, maybe a game of catch and of course cake.

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