A letter to my unborn baby

Dear fearfully and wonderfully made one,
We had an ultrasound again today. Despite all the worry associated with the bleeding it has been pretty nice to see you already! Everything is looking fine with you. The bleeding is from my uterus, resulting from strain most likely from my c-section. I am not sure what this will mean for a VBAC but we will have to wait and see, and hope.
Daddy and I were amazed at how much you have developed in the 3.5 weeks since we have seen you last. You went from a little gummy bear to a little stick person! You have long arms and legs (which were punching and kicking wildly) and a defined face. I have never had an ultrasound at this point in my pregnancy before so it was cool to see this stage of development. I saw the profile of your little face and couldn’t help but think of the countless times I am sure to smooch those cheeks and lips. And how many times just looking at that sweet smile and twinkling eyes will bring a smile of overwhelming joy and love to my face. It really never gets old to see your baby growing inside you. Life is such a miracle and I consider it such a blessing to be able to house your feeble, growing life for these next months. I consider it an honor to be chosen by God to be your Mommy-your earthly steward. In so many ways I know I am not worthy.
I look at the little family we have now. We never knew we could love someone so much before Hayleigh was born. Then we wondered if that love could possibly duplicate for Braxton and it did. Now I am excited to see the love multiply again as we welcome you into our family. Someday soon we will look back and not be able to imagine a time when you were not an integral part of our home. I can’t wait to meet you and get to know your ins and outs. It is bit daunting but really more exciting and joyful. Whenever I get lost in the idea of having yet another young child to take care of I try to remind myself how blessed beyond words I am. God said He would never give us more than we could handle, but He never said it would be easy. I am grateful that God thinks I am able to handle being a Mommy to three wonderful children. I can’t wait to see you again and find out whether you are a boy or a girl. Hayleigh is convinced you are a sister and calls you Cindy. When I told her you might be a boy she replied “Boys aren’t sisters!” I know either way she will come around and love you as passionately as she loves Braxton.
We are excited for our family to grow and expand with love as we welcome you in it. What a wonderful opportunity for more love. Well, sorry to cut this short but your siblings are awake from their naps. I will write again. Love you!


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  1. So encouraging... "I am grateful that God thinks I am able to handle being a Mommy to three wonderful children." Love that we also have each other in all of this... love you so much!


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