Sickies and Spring Smiles

We are really ready for spring around here. Funny thing is, it has been a very mild winter. There were only 2 or 3 times where there was a large accumulation of snow for more than a day or two. Very unusual. But we have been sick almost non-stop since about mid December. I have made more trips to the Doctor (and paid the annoying copays!), cancelled more plans with friends (booooo) and wiped more noses than I can count. I know it all comes with the territory of having young kids and it being winter, but c'mon! This year has been the worst ever, by far! I am at my wits end, ready to be healthy, ready to be outside, ready to have a social life again (or at least something that resembles a social life).
I feel silly complaining. I know I could have it much worse than kids with colds and ear infections. I try to keep that perspective when I am ripping my hair out or actually breaking down in tears when the thermometer reads another fever. I could be much worse.
Yesterday while Braxton was taking a looong nap (for him) the Little Mama and I went outside to soak up some much anticipated sunshine. I brought the bubbles. And my camera. I had so much fun watching her enjoying being outside. It was a great way to celebrate one of the first glimpses of spring. She also relishes the rare one on one time with me. I have to admit there will always be a soft spot in my heart for just spending time with my first baby. There is just something about that smile…and that giggle…and those eyes. Although it was tough to blow bubbles and snap pictures I managed to take no less than a thousand. I just can’t help myself.

IMG_3627 (2)IMG_3628 (2)
                 IMG_3616 (2)IMG_3642 (2)
                 IMG_3653 (2)IMG_3634 (2)
IMG_3622 (2)IMG_3618 (2)
IMG_3647 (2)IMG_3652 (2)IMG_3617 (3)
                           IMG_3662 (2)IMG_3660 (2)
IMG_3666 (2)
Yep, it could be a lot worse.

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  1. These photos are terrific! You are very blessed.


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