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Tomorrow my mom and I leave for New York City for the Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament! I am kind of still in shock that we are actually going! We have been talking about going since I was in young elementary school. We had always said we would go my freshman year of college and then my cousin decided to get married during the tournament that year. Booo. Just kidding. But not really. We won in a very dramatic fashion and I was remanded to watching it on television in the corner of the reception hall. He and his wife get props for allowing that, by the way! Anyway, then life happened. By life I mean me getting married, having babies, not having money. You know, life. When we found out that Syracuse is leaving the Big East Conference after next season (tear…more like lots of tears) we decided right then and there we were making it happen this year! And I am so proud and grateful that we did! I am excited for so many reasons! My mom is one of my closest friends and I can’t wait to spend all this time with her. I can’t wait to watch some seriously good basketball and let’s not forget it is in New York City. Bonus! I am really  ready to get away from home. I will miss my babies though. I have never been away from them for more than two days and now we will be apart for almost 5 days! Peter is the champ who is using vacation time from work to be Dad on Duty while I am gone. I know he will do great!
I had big plans of getting some kind of craft/project done either yesterday or today, before leaving. But, well, that didn’t happen. Again! Instead I spent my time doing laundry, packing, laying out outfits for the kids for the next 5 days, cooking and freezing dinners and soaking up some good play moments with these sweet faces.

IMG_3245 (3)IMG_3255 (3)IMG_3259 (2)
IMG_3276 (2)IMG_3269 (3)IMG_3312 (2)

I can’t believe he can ride that car all by himself around the whole downstairs now! He is so close to walking all by himself (for longer than a handful of steps). I know he is probably going to get it while I am gone. Ironic.

IMG_3261 (2)IMG_3253(2)

This angel face is expecting a “prize” when I come home. Although, I am not 100% convinced she really understands what it means that I will be gone for 5 days. And despite the fact that I am bursting with excitement about going I am sure going to miss these cheeks.
 IMG_3290 (2)

Oh, how I love them. 

IMG_3272 (2)

So, I think I am okay if this is the only craft I got done these past two days. 

IMG_3318 (2)

I debated whether or not to bring my camera along to NY. But I decided to bring it because just in case my Jr. High crush, former Syracuse center Etan Thomas is in the seat next to me, or the leader of our 2003 Championship team and present day New York Knick, Carmelo Anthony asks me and my mom to be VIPs at his post-game celebration, I want to be ready with more than my cell phone camera. “See” you when I get back! Let’s go Orange!

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  1. Have a great trip- I'll miss you!!! Love the pics of your sweeties!


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