Sore throats, Sunshine and SMOOTHIES!


We have had some sore throats in our house lately. Growing up whenever I had a sore throat my Dad would get me orange sherbet. Ever since we’ve been married Peter has taken on that role. (I know; I am spoiled!) I is just perfect to sooth a scratchy, sore, winter throat…and the winter blues. We haven’t had much snow at all and actually the weather has been unseasonably mild for Western New York. Despite that and although I am a fan of chilly weather even I have found myself feeling like a bit of a shut in-wishing we could play outside in warm weather. Today Hayleigh came down with a sore throat and even though she was feeling sick she was still begging to play outside too. I couldn’t blame her. The sun was beaming through the windows. In her world when the sun is shining it’s fair game to petition me (over and over) to play outdoors. Since it was too cold to play outside we had a bit of a picnic inside. And to soothe our sore throats we made some of my favorite smoothies-with orange sherbet of course! The recipe I kind of made up to imitate a favorite Freshens flavor. I call it my Winter Blues Beater Smoothie. Here is the recipe…yum!!


For 2 20oz smoothies combine:
2 cups Orange Juice
1.5 cups Frozen Strawberries (fresh would work too)
a large scoop of Orange Sherbet
1 cup ice

That’s it! It is so yummy and a little taste of warmer weather! It is also perfect for winter because of the dose of Vitamin C and it has 3 servings of fruit per smoothie! Hayleigh enjoyed hers!

I also enjoyed the sunshine streaming through the windows and could NOT resist taking (and sharing) a bunch of pictures I took of my babies. Well, actually I didn’t try too hard to resist. Please excuse any snot or drool. I couldn’t keep up with the fluids (gross!) and didn’t take the time to edit the pictures other than to turn some of them black and white.

IMG_2340 (2)
IMG_2344 (2)IMG_2342
IMG_2346 (2)IMG_2347IMG_2350 (2)

For me a yummy smoothie and these baby blues are a sure-fire way to beat the winter blues. Anyone have any suggestions other yummy smoothies or fun ways you beat the winter blues??!

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  1. YUM! I love orange sherbet when I have a sore throat too! Would love it if you came by and linked up to my Manic Monday Linky Party!


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