Plans and being stuck in the planning stage

I have been envisioning/planning a master bedroom re-vamp for what feels like forever now. I am still waiting to find the time. We have to clean out an embarrassing amount of junk clutter and get some serious reorganization done before we can really begin the transformation. We are so busy the next few weekends, (with good things!) that it will probably be another month or so until we really get down to business in there. But I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to have a pretty haven for us, you know one where you aren’t so embarrassed of it that you close the door when company comes over…yeah, it is that bad right now! I am also going to eventually have my own little craft space in there…yaaay!!! I am brimming over with excitement but have to contain myself a bit until the calendar allows. Here is a little sneak peek at what I am planning, because I need it to feel real. On the left is some color scheme inspiration. Also, my friend Erin strikes again and made me this wonderful print. She took what I envisioned and expanded on it to make it even better than I had hoped! I just love it!
And here is a little glimpse at one of the fabrics I bought with plans to make a headboard and maybe some throw pillow covers (we will see if that is too ambitious for me as I am still a non-sew-er).


I am itching to get some creating done in some way. Now that birthdays are done and we are finally all healthy around here for the time being (fingers crossed) I can get SOMETHING, anything completed and end the drought!

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