Hayleigh and Braxton’s Circus Birthday Party (part 1)

After months of dreaming/planning in my head and on various lists the kids’ party was this weekend! It came together pretty well and although my house and I are still recovering it was so much fun! I think I will have to break this up into a couple of posts so really cover it well. Here is a look at the decorations, food etc. In another post I will include pictures of my adorable kiddos and our wonderful family and friends.
The idea for the Circus came from the fact that their birthdays are so close together in the calendar year (about 2 weeks). I thought of it being one right after another, like a parade. The circus theme sprung from that. I chose coral/muted orange and aqua for the color scheme because it is gender neutral but (in my mind at least) doesn’t scream gender neutral the way pale green or yellow does. Plus, I just really love those colors!
My very good and very talented friend Erin designed the invitations for me.  Aren’t they awesome!?! (Minus the tape over our address.)


I did a Concession Stand. I served food like peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, animal crackers, lollipops, rice Krispy treats on skewers, various candy, caramel apples, marshmallows made to look like dumbbells and even used an old gumball machine I had when I was a kid. We served soda in glass bottles and had fun party straws. I bought tons of coordinating paper  which I used for a lot of the decorations. I printed out all my lettering in Circus, Romantiques and Big Top fonts. I gave my mom an idea of what I wanted and she was so helpful in making all the food labels for me. We mounted them on tags and tied them with twine. 


For food I divided the courses into “rings” like a 3 Ring Circus. I served five different kinds of cupcakes for dessert. I wanted each flavor to represent some kind of food you might eat at the Circus. I also wanted each one to have a unique topper. So, I did Pink Lemonade Cupcakes topped with a straw, Cracker Jack Cupcakes topped with a prize like in the box of Cracker Jacks, Chocolate Cherry Coke Cupcakes topped with a cherry, Yellow Cupcakes topped with mini marshmallows to resemble popcorn, and an Orange cupcake with vanilla frosting to taste like a creamsicle. My mom and I made some paper toppers for these.


Needless to say, no one left this party without their fair share of sugar!

Now, for the rest of the decorations!
I put signs around the house for different parts of the circus. The living room was the “Big Top”. Complete with clown noses and mustaches for the kids (adults, ahem) to play with.


I had a sign for Carnival Games, which I forgot to take a picture of. The games were really simple, but there were really not that many kids at the party and there was definitely a lack of space. I put a ribbon on the ground for a “tight” rope, had a bean bag toss with some old beanie babies I scrounged up from my childhood collection and we also played pin the nose on the clown. My sister also made balloon animals.


In the dining room I had a sign for the “Main Attraction” which was basically a shrine to my kids, complete with pictures of them from the last 12 months. I also made party hats for the birthday boy and girl as well as the other kiddos. On this table were also popcorn containers for the kids to take home favors in.


Finally, here is the sign I made for the entry way. It is a little backwards to end with this, but oh well.


I had so much fun throwing this party! I think it’s a great theme: fun to execute and fun for kids and adults. I am glad though that my kids are a bit young to expect something like this every year because in reality that will not be the case! As I said, my house and I are still recovering from all the commotion. But it was all worth it for these happy faces!


I couldn’t resist sneaking in just a couple pictures of my kids! Stay tuned for a post chock-full-a-cuties! I know you are waiting with bated breath! Smile

Here are all my sources:
Digital Paper (which I printed): Hello Love Too
Straws, cupcake Liners, and printable flags: Hey Yo Yo
Party Circles (used for bunting and cupcake toppers): Love the Day
Braxton’s Personalized Shirt: Truly Sanctuary
Free Mustache Printable:  The Inspired Bride
Party hat template: Tip Junkie
Elephant Die Cuts (used for confetti): The Best Paper Supplies
Twine and tags (for food labels): Pick Your Plum
Polka dot boxes, punch server and glass canisters: Hobby Lobby
And once again the invitations were done by Erin of C and Me Designs

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  1. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom that cares as much as you do. How special, I'm sure they will so appreciate all your amazing work over the years! I would love if you would consider linking this post up to my Drab to Fab party tomorrow (Friday) on my blog Sugar and Spice. We celebrate making the ordinary extraordinary and this embodies that theme, so I'd absolutely love to see you tomorrow! Here's a link for more info:



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