Fabric Bulletin Board


Sometimes it is the smallest and simplest projects that mean a lot. I went from feeling uninspired to now having way too many ideas rolling around in my head. I just needed to get something out of my head and actually done! This bulletin board was not tops on the list, but it was something I knew I could knock off in one sitting. (Ahhh, the sweet aroma of actually finishing a project!) I got the idea from my friend Ashley and knew this would be perfect for Hayleigh’s room. All I did was 1.) spray paint a frame, 2.) mount cork behind it, 3.) Cover it with fabric, and 4.) refine the edges a bit with some ribbon. I can’t wait to put up some pictures and bible verses etc. I know it will make my little collector very happy.

Speaking of, here are just a couple pictures from Hayleigh’s actual birthday a little over a week ago!

IMG_2409 (3) copy
          IMG_2525 (2)IMG_2518

This weekend is Braxton Boy’s birthday and two of our life long friends are getting married! Can’t wait!!

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