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This past weekend was really busy and one of the most fun we have had in a while. On Friday Braxton turned one and two of our good friends got married! We had so much fun celebrating (and then recovering) all weekend! Peter had been up till the wee hours of the morning the night before for the bachelor party, but he was a good sport and got up with me and the kids to celebrate Braxton’s one year anniversary of life before he had to be at the church in the early afternoon. (He was a groomsman.)

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I always take a “birth minute” picture of me with each of the kids. Since Peter had to be at the church getting ready for the wedding, I had to improvise and take this one in the mirror.
The wedding was really fun. There is something so special about celebrating Christian marriage, especially when you have known the people getting married for years. John was Peter’s former room mate and also a groomsman in our wedding. He is one of the most generous, kind and Godly people we know. He has been an incredible blessing in our lives on numerous occasions and was also a complete gentleman when I accompanied him to his senior prom many years ago! God has done amazing things in his life this past year and we were so happy to celebrate with him and Allison as they begin this exciting chapter in their lives together.

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Peter and I even tapped into our inner 25 year olds (yes, we are actually 25, although sometimes I feel as if our corrected age is more like 35) and stayed out until 3:30am catching up with some amazing lifelong friends. I am so thankful for people who we can just gel with and who we know genuinely love us as much as we love them. What a gift! Congratulations John and Allison!


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