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It has been a while since I have posted. Bad Blogger. Isn’t it funny that although I know only a handful of people read this I still feel a tad guilty when I am not consistently posting? It’s not like I have sponsors or thousands (or even approaching a hundred!) readers to keep happy and informed. I really do this for me, as a way to chronicle and celebrate life and exercise my creativity. Sometimes it is hard to remember that and I find myself comparing my puny blog to other blogs, my house to other houses and my life to other lives and coming up short in all areas. This week I have been trying to focus on what is true and on what really matters. And its not if my house is perfect and my blog is popular and if my kids are the best dressed, smartest and cutest on the block. I so long for my kids to understand what really matters and to be grounded in Biblical truth in their lives. I have been convicted, yet again, that I cannot impart something to them that I do not have myself. So I am picking myself up, yet again, and pressing on trying to have a better grasp on what I really want for them and what I really need myself.
That being said, I have been pretty busy doing busy work. Our house was still recovering from the holidays and was in desperate need of a deep clean. I have been working on decorations and plans for the kids’ joint birthday party which is in just over two weeks! Can’t wait! I decided on a whim last week that I wanted to give our bathroom a facelift-and not spend any money. So this week I have been working on doing just that-scrounging our house for things I can repurpose, paint and use in the bathroom. I am also hosting a girls night for the ladies from my small group at church. I am seriously in need of some girl time to just talk, laugh and hang out. I am pretty pumped. We also mailed out Hayleigh’s application for preschool this week. Ah! It is still eight months away, but she is so ready. She thrives on social settings, is enthusiastic to learn and just needs an outlet outside of the house. While I am still struggling to believe she is almost old enough for preschool (it seems like not that long ago my 22 and 20 year old sisters were in preschool) I am really excited for her because I know it is going to be great for her development on so many levels. These days she still spends most of her time pretending. She is almost always a princess of some sort, or a mommy. Yesterday she was having a wedding and invited me to come. How nice of her! Braxton is now her prince and she asks him to twirl her, give her flowers and eat dinner with candles. The guy she ends up with some day has rather large shoes to fill, because apparently B is a wonderful prince. I just love to watch her play and listen to the hilarious things that come out of her mouth. She keeps us laughing and warms our hearts everyday. She says to me now “Mommy, you take care of me and Braxton everyday. Thank you because you make us so happy to play together.” I mean really, can it get much better than that?! So why do I spend so much of my time obsessing over what I don’t have or comparing myself to other people? Sometimes I just need a smack in the face. I prefer when it comes in words like that from my (pretty much) three year old though.
Sorry this post has been rambly and all together pretty uninteresting. Sometimes I just have to get the thoughts out of my head to make room for new ones. To end it here are some pictures of my pre-preschooler.

IMG_1556 IMG_1571
Oh, what she does to my heart. Love her.

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