A day in our life

I want to do a monthly recording of a day in our life. This means I basically carry my camera around my neck most of the day and photograph things as they happen. We have plenty of pictures of us all dressed up, with our hair combed (for those of us that have enough to comb), faces wiped and “we have got it all together” smiles on. Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice picture as much as the next person but the truth is that some days I barely run my fingers through my hair, my kids stay in their PJs all day and then sleep in them again that night and there is a not a serene “all together” moment to be found. I want to capture the reality of what our lives are right now. Life is punctuated by big events where we would never dream of not toting our camera. But strung in between are normal days made up of little moments. Those little moments are what I really live for- the moment when I am cuddled up reading to Hayleigh and I can bury my head in her and just inhale her unique sweet scent, the joy-filled smile Braxton gives me as he sees me for the first time each morning, the sounds of uncontainable laughter coming from the living room as they and Daddy play on the floor with wreckless abandon. So, because these moments are so wonderfully warm and sustaining and because they are as fleeting as they are wonderful, I really want to document them as best I can. I want to be able to look back and say “oh remember how much she loved that shirt?!” “Remember when he would make that face!?” I want to look at pictures and hear their laughter as it is now. Years from now I want to be transported back to the ordinary days. What you can expect from these posts is a.) lots of pictures of my family, b.) an ordinary day in our lives-nothing newsworthy or spectacular here. We probably won’t even leave the house. c.) No staged pictures or “cheese” faces, but there might be some runny noses. d.) The unedited chronicling (as best I can. I am no professional by any stretch. Please don’t expect high quality pictures.) of our life as it is right now, on a normal day. e.) If we are lucky we may get some small, magical moments. So, here goes: A day in the our life the first edition! (I got a bit of a late start in the day, 9amish, but for the first try it will have to do.)

dancing to "markable" cows CD

Hayleigh’s quote/s of the day:
“My birthday party is really soon. I so excited! But it is for B too. I have to take deep breaths. I will take deep breaths so I don’t so too excited.”
(When she was giving us a hard time about going to bed) “But I can’t help it if cries come out of my eyes!”
(When I had finally put away the pile of laundry from the window seat) “Oh no! We don’t have any clothes anymore! They were stolen!”
Braxon’s quote/moment of the day:
“Mama” !!!!!!!!! Smile

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