Bathroom facelift: stage one ($0!!)


Our bathroom was/is desperately in need of some TLC. It is embarrassing how bad it was when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago and how long it has taken us to spruce it up. For anyone who does not know and who isn’t sick of hearing it yet, we rent. So we are limited as to what we can do obviously. But I am determined to make the best of our situation and make our less-than-perfect rental house as pretty as I can. For this project, at least this stage of it, I was also determined not to spend any money. That’s right, my budget = $0. It was actually pretty fun and challenging. So, as you look at the pictures of our progress, keep those two things in mind: we rent and we are spending zilch on this project. The idea here is “better not perfect”.
Hopefully you will agree that its better. Here are a few before pictures.

IMG_1545 IMG_1547

The walls were a lovely sponge paint job. (Again, I hate to admit we lived with that until now. Why??) I also had black and white d├ęcor, which was fine. I was just ready for a change. I had already taken most of it down for painting before I remembered to snap a few photos, but these give a general idea.
And here is our progress so far.


We painted the walls with some leftover Taupe colored paint we found in the basement. We also painted the trim white instead of the flesh color they were. What a difference! We also replaced the black and white shower curtain with a brown one that we had in our bathroom before. Why do my tastes change so much?
Then I made some wall art for a gallery wall. This is the wall right when you walk in. I found the Keep Calm printable for free here. I used some fabric I had to put in frames and wrap around some wall art that used to hang in our bedroom. I love re-purposing! I also framed some scrapbook paper in a plastic ceiling medallion that I found laying around the basement from a previous tenant. Then I made a couple pieces of art myself: the “brush well” sign and the “men, women and children’s room” printable.


I used some vases and bottles that I had previously found at garage sales and thrift shops to decorate the table. I also made some (very poorly done) decoupage balls out of scrapbook paper and Styrofoam balls and wrapped some yarn around a few smaller ones. I put them in a bamboo bowl I had gotten this summer at a garage sale for $1. 


I really enjoyed the challenge of spending no money and only using what we had around the house. I am pretty proud of myself for not breaking down and spending even a few cents. Stage one has already made the bathroom look much better! I can’t wait to finish the next simple projects I have. It is refreshing to me that although we can’t change out fixtures we don’t have to resign ourselves to a totally ugly bathroom. Its better not perfect but I am enjoying making the best of what we have. It’s the little things.Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person tomorrow!!!

  2. You did a great job...I'm just like you...I LOVE to repurpose and find "new life" for things that I have around the house that has gone stale on me...because you never know when you might want to go back to the "original"!!! Very cute, AND budget friendly. I'm also a new blogger...and, I'm VERY IMPRESSED with your blog...being that I'm a to check out all the blogs to get ideas, don't you? Love your style, and I'm now your newest follower....would love if you checked out my site at Hope you have a blessed Monday and week!!


  3. I love a fun gallery wall - this is looking great!!

  4. So pretty! I am so design-challenged. We need to talk!


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